Edge: Splinter Cell: Conviction Review

Conviction is in reach of greatness. Its flaws stand out in the short singleplayer campaign, and its tail end relies too much on the gunplay that the game otherwise relegates to a begrudging last resort. But when it hits its stride, the environments unlock the player's tactical ambitions in away that is truly empowering, launching you between shadow and light, discretion and aggression.

In some ways it's sad to say goodbye to old, subtle Fisher, but as Splinter Cell goes from covert to overt, anew-found dynamism emerges, happily driving players to return to its vicious little sandbox battles, tempting them to obliterate enemies in ever slicker, quicker ways. And that's surely the hallmark of any true conviction: it bears repeating.

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stb3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Bu bu but, this is a flo flo flop-meister...lmao

Venatus-Deus3138d ago

Duplicate story and the third time it has been approved on this site.

vhero3138d ago

Well fanboys can finally stop comparing this to MGS4 and we can finally move on.... NEXT!!

lelo2play3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

AGAIN whining and Crying!!!! ... Why are PS3 fanboys always whining and crying when their exclusives get lower scores or something does not go their way? NEWSFLASH... SFTU already. Nobody cares. Every single thread there is always some stupid fanboy crying and whining about something... and this thread is no different...I come to the gamer zone to read opinions of other people, and not read the whining and crying of stupid fanboys. You guys should go to the open zone if you want to cry and whine.

As for Splinter Cell... good score from Edge. Even if Edge gave it a 6 or 7, i would still be getting the game.

Pumbli3138d ago

lelo2play - Whining about the whiners is not gonna make them stop, if anything, it'll just encourage more people to bash on your comment and cause even more whining.

While I don't think whining about anything helps, I do believe that Edge are a bunch of biased idiots who walk around in "We <3 Microsoft" tshirts, that's just my opinion on them though.

99% of the time I disagree with Edge on their scores but I do believe this is pretty much spot on. This is a game I'd love to try out one day, it looks great.

Sez 3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

dude get over it. it is better than MGS4. if you take out all the cut screen and codec. MGS4 would be the same lenth as splinter cell. as far as stealth goes. yes it's better. and MGS4 is also so sub-HD so plz. move on


look i have the game ok. please don't try to act like i never finished the game or played it. the game is mostly cut screens and codec. so stop it. just becasue you spent most of the game admiring the graphics. doesn't mean the game is 30 hours long. just you choose to make it the long.

nix3138d ago

vega... the SP of MGS4 will take around 30 hours. deduct 9~ hours of cutscenes. and it's got MP option too.

Monkey5213138d ago

You know that Splinter Cell being a better game is completely your opinion. Something being better than another thing when applied to 2 great games is something we call "subjectivity". It's your opinion, and I respect that. Just don't treat other people as morons because they think MGS4 is better. Personally, IMO I enjoy MGS4 better in it's entirety. I agree Splinter Cell has better stealth mechanics, but the story has less depth to it than MGS4.

infamousinfolite3138d ago

Vega... dude you fail at every sense of the word, ok so shut it up about MGS4, alright No game surpass MGS4 in story/graphics/gameplay/epicne ss alright so to your whole "take the cutscenes out and it's blah blah blah you of all people shouldn't even mention MGS4 or any MGS game to this copycat.


Tired of people trying to bring (x) game just because either they haven't experienced or they can't experience or the like. People you would be saying something different if you actually played straight through. Besides is a need for the cut scenes so you actually understand everything. But w.e. people are stupid anyways "SPLINTER CELL IS SOOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT METAL GEAR MOVIE AND THIS AND THAT AND THIS" "BU...BU..BUT SPLINTER CELL IS BETTER IT HAD 5 HOURS OF GAMEPLAY" no just it shut it up and leave it alone.. forever it won't ouch MGS4 it can't touch MGS4 and it'll never touch MGS4.


Sez 3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

the same goes for people that think MGS4 is better than splinter cell conviction. your right it is subjective. but for sonyfanboy like vhero and other to come into a sc,c review talking about MGS4. only shows that they need a score to tell them if a game is better.because they feel alittle insecure or alittle worried that sc,c maybe a better game than mgs4.

i didn't say anything to make anyone feel like moron for how they feel. but don't act like i don't have the game. and try to tell me it's 30 hours when it's not. like i haven't played it or don't have the game.

so if I go back in you comment history. And find any negative comment about the wii or the 360. Does that mean we can also discredit any comment you have about a 360/wii game also. Cause I'm sure I will find alot more negative comments from you about MS and the 360 too. Hypocrite

I have no idea what your rambling about. But it sounds like your looking for some attention and somd bubble by trying to jump on a banwagon. STFU and just mind your business. When grown folks are talking.

nix3138d ago

"Sony doesn't deserve a dime of my money."

wow.. so much hate. and we wonder why you would think SC:C is better than MGS4.

Dacapn3138d ago

How could you possibly understand the story by skipping all the cutscenes in MGS4? Cutscenes are part of the game. Do you do that in every game? Skip all the cutscenes in FFXIII. Skip the endings in all games. Skip the beginning of all games. Wtf is wrong with you? Did you know there's princess in Super Mario?

TheBlackSmoke3138d ago

In all seriousness Mgs4 took me about 22 hours to complete - 9 hours of cut-scenes its about a 10 plus hour game overall. The argument is stupid anyway as why would you play an mgs4 game and skip all the cutscenes? The story of metal gear solid is the reason why fans love the series and so the cutscenes are a part of the whole experience. So to me it is a 22 hour game and every element from graphics, sound, story, gameplay is AAA quality.

Just Finished SCC (rent ftw) and whilst i cant comment on the co-op yet, the sp was good but nothing blew my mind. I finished it in 5 1/2 hours...with cutscenes included. Yes it has some really cool stealth elements but the game is really scripted so you feel like your doing stuff because that is what you were meant to do at that specific moment rather than you made an assessment and carried out your own choice.

Horrible AI and bad voice acting (Michael ironside sounds drunk) mean this will never be on the level of mgs4. Its a good game, tho a bit short lived. id probably give it a 7 at the moment.

nix3138d ago

but hello! i'm not the one bashing any game here. i'm a PS3 fan, i accept. but i'm not that blind to not give credit where it's due!

Alvadr3138d ago


What are you ranting about... No one is whining here, or comparing it to PS3 scores, or at least at the time you posted that..

You assume far too much, calm down. Maybe you should be in the open zone.

raztad3138d ago



22-19 =3

You are missing 3 hours :)

MGS4 was a fairly long game, most cutscenes were really good to watch albeit quite long.

Sez 3138d ago

"but hello! i'm not the one bashing any game here' and if you would have read my comment. i didn't bash MGS4. so what are you getting at. i just compared the same issues sonyfanboys are complaining about splinter cell with mgs4. take out the cut screen and codec. the game isn't that long as people like to make it out to be. i have the game. finished it and it didn't take my 20-30 hours.

sonyfanboys keep talking about splinter cell being sub-hd. but keep forgetting MGS4 is also sub-hd

so what did i say that wasn't true or what i said that was bashing mgs4.

or maybe i was responding to a sonyfanboy who keeps going in reviews to bring up games that has nothing to do with the review. what is mgs4 forgottin that you have to keep bring it up to try and remind people that it still exist. or are you guys that insecure that you can't sleep unless sony games have the highest rating than any game. yet when games like halo3 outscores KZ2. score doesn't matter.

WildArmed3138d ago

lol only if people understood that

To splinter cell fanboys, people who think MGS4 is better are retarded
To MGS fanboys, its vice versa.

Since when did their bloody opinion become so important?
So what if i like MGS4 more or less than SC:C.

It's like arguing that Uncharted is better than Gears.. or vice versa.
Your entitled to your opinion, just dont shove it in someone's face and expect a polite response.

Dee_913138d ago

vega the onlyone i see comparing it to mgs4
and after that " i will never give sony my money" comment ive come to a conclusion he just a xboxfanboy

Sez 3138d ago

Who are you. What is the point of your comment. To show how much of a D Ryder you are. Cause much like the rest of the comments at my post are doing just tha. D!!k ryding. Get off f-g

ShinRyuHadoken3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

This game can have AAA or 10/10 but i still not gonna buy it. A game that is only 5 hours of gameplay is for me a rental!

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thief3138d ago

Probably the lowest score ever awarded by Edge to a major 360 exclusive, and still higher than the score awarded to most PS3 exclusives

tinybigman3138d ago

I'm kinda shocked at the 8 I thought 9 for sure from them.

sakuragi3138d ago

So basically, when Edge gives an 8 to Xbox 360 exclusive games it is not considered an actual 8 by other publication standards, since Edge tends to overrate Xbox 360 exclusive and underrate PS3 exclusive.

green3138d ago

Mass Effect got a 7 and Bioshock also got an 8.

thief3138d ago

Yes I remember Mass Effect, that was a shocker - maybe we are wrong, Edge doesnt hate the PS3, they just hate good games!

raztad3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

@those that think EDGE is not biased


"Conviction is in reach of greatness. Its flaws stand out in the short singleplayer campaign, and its tail end relies too much on the gunplay that the game otherwise relegates to a begrudging last resort. But when it hits its stride, the environments unlock the player's tactical ambitions in away that is truly empowering, launching you between shadow and light, discretion and aggression."

WOW, such a nice comment. Never read something in the likes about a PS3 exclusive game from EDGE. I understand though, a xbox cheerleader as EDGE can't be nice with the competition.

Regarding Conviction, game looks good, major problem is the length. I would give it a rent to see if the coop is worth a purchase. Usually it does.


Do you really think EDGE just hates good games? Do you call that logic?
then I would say Halo 3/Gears are pure crap because they scored really high.

BTW, try hitting the article before disagreeing. At least know the facts.

BeaArthur3138d ago

thief...congrats on the most logical thing anyone has ever said about Edge.

BeaArthur3138d ago

raztad...why do you assume I was the one that disagreed. And I didn't say Edge hates good games. I just said that thief's comment was the most logical thing anyone has ever said about Edge.

You can think Edge hates the PS3 all you want but that doesn't make it true. Besides, even if they do hate the PS3, why do you care? Does Edge's reviews effect your enjoyment of the game? No it doesn't, you are concerned with a website that slightly effects the alignment of an irrelevant score.

raztad3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )


My mistake, sorry about that I DIDNT assume it. I just forgot to end my comment to you.

Regarding EDGE, it doesnt affect me at all. I never pay attention to their reviews to make a purchase decision, but being a huge and respected magazine it's a very interesting case of study and discussion. I think their bias is unparalleled in the whole gaming industry.

BeaArthur3138d ago

raztad...there are a lot of things about this industry that we would all like to see change but it's not going to happen. I find their reviews a little questionable but without solid proof I'm not going to take a shot at their credibility. Besides everyone should read multiple reviews if they are on the fence and if one or two reviews are way off from the norm than a logical person would see that and disregard that review as unreliable. If someone uses Edge (or any site/publication) exclusively than I don't feel bad for them if they avoid a game or end up buying a crappy game. If you don't do your research then you have no one to blame but yourself.

raztad3138d ago

"without proof"

What kind of "proof" do you require? some paycheck copies or intercepted phone calls?

I posted a very interesting study of EDGE vs METACRITIC. There is, at least, a strong correlation between EDGE scores and the platform where the games run on.

Come on, give it a read. It may not be a rigorous proof, but it's a strong evidence.

And yeah I do agree, people need to get several sources of reviews, and ultimately give the game a try by themselves.

BeaArthur3138d ago

raztad...I looked at it, it's nothing but a bunch of graphs and statistics. It may show a tendency but that doesn't equate to evidence/proof. Yes I would need to hear a phone conversation or see some checks or actually see something that would qualify as proof. I'm not going to call them out and accuse them of being bias based on some bar graphs. I mean if you think they are bias, that is your opinion, but you don't need to comment on how bias they are for every article. Don't give them the attention if you really feel that they don't do a service to their readers.

raztad3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

It's true I dont need to comment about EDGE, in fact it's true I dont need to comment at all about any subject, but I do because I want to. Why not? that's my opinion after all and it happens this is a review from EDGE so I'm quite on topic, and if you didnt notice I was not the first commenting about it.

I find a little funny you discard the evidence calling them: "nothing but a bunch of graphs and statistics". Lol, I've seen weaker statistic used as serious evidence in science. Whatever, you are free to believe what you feel like. Dont tell me to stop voicing my opinions because you dont agree with them though.

See you in other thread.

BeaArthur3138d ago

raztad...we'll just agree to disagree.

thor3138d ago

Based on "nothing but a bunch of graphs and statistics," I made a prediction of what SCC's metascore would turn out to be. I also noted that I would have predicted GoW3's metascore pretty accurately.

Note that SC:C's metascore is currently 86. I predicted 85.

The point is, that both GoW3 and SC:C got the same score in Edge, but from that, and Edge's bias, I was able to predict that GoW3 would have a higher metacritic average (and be a better game).

If that's not bias, I don't know what is. An 8/10 having a different, predictable meaning for different platforms is bias.

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Official General3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Edge dont know nothing about good games. I used to read Edge a lot before and I remember back then they always rated the obviously popular and generally criticlally acclaimed games lower than everyone else. From way back, I've never trusted their reviews.

But still, 5 hours only woth of single-player gameplay is quite pathetic if you ask me. Even it may be a good and fun game, Splinter Cell Conviction deserves no less an 8 if thats really the case. This should'nt be happening as the game has been in development for like nearly 5 years.

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