Ubisoft DRM software "vital to our business", says Conviction creative lead

VG247: Splinter Cell: Conviction creative director Max Béland has told VG247 that Ubisoft's DRM software is considered "vital" to the success of its games on PC.

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chak_3138d ago

yeah sure.

we'll see sales and talk later, hoping you're wrong, otherwise we're fvcked up.

Won't buy conviction, that's for sure.

Tachyon_Nova3138d ago

These people simply don't get it do they? While I in no way condone piracy, they are shooting themselves in the foot by sticking over the top DRM restraints on their games, because people get turned off by this. So unless they can actually get some DRM that takes a lot longer to crack, then all they are doing is lowering paid sales of the games.

DJKGBYF3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

It's not just the DRM, they need to stop making bad ports of console games to the PC. Doesn't it make sense, if you require a constant internet connection, the game comes out 4 months after it did for PS3 or Xbox 360, then decide to charge $60 for it, and creating broken ports of console games will not help your sales improve. As long as developers continue to do things like that then piracy will continue to exist.

HammockGames3138d ago

Uh, no. Asinine.

If you have to walk all over the same people that financially support you, you're doing something wrong. And that's exactly what this DRM does.

I hope their sales are disappointing enough to reconsider this.

I held off buying Assassin's Creed 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction because of this crap. I know I'm not alone.

evrfighter3138d ago

I went and bought it for the ps3 and was looking forward to buying it on Steam until they released their DRM info.

Ubisoft games have been put on hold across all my systems until some of their policies change.

Chris_TC3138d ago

I'm not sure how it's vital to their business when it makes me take my dollars elsewhere.

Proxy3138d ago

"I went and bought it for the ps3 and was looking forward to buying it on Steam until they released their DRM info."

So you bought the more expensive, and easier to develop version? Way to make a stand!

evrfighter3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

what are you talking about making a stand? Other than the DRM I have nothing against Ubisoft.

I bought AC2 when it launched. Back when there was no info regarding their "always on" DRM.

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SaiyanFury3138d ago

DRm is vital to your business? I was seriously going to purchase Assassin's Creed 2 legally because I loved it on my PS3. No doubt it would play at 60FPS on my PC, but because my internet connection is so unstable, the DRM ultimately would prevent me from playing it. Sorry Ubi, no purchase here.

Bodster3138d ago

I currently dont have my computer hooked up to the internet so Ubisoft's DRM was a massive problem for me. I bought the game for £20 and just waited patiently for this server emulator. Works great!

GamerPS3603138d ago

I didn't buy AC2 'coz of DRM and $60.00 price tag and I am guessing the list will grow.

champ213138d ago

AC2 and Settlers both dropped of so quidkly on the steam chart. It just shows the games sold badly. Many ppl didnt buy AC2 because of DRM. I know i didnt, also the price was another turn off.

steve30x3138d ago

I dont mind companies using DRM to protect their games9 In the end the DRM never stops pirates) but this always online DRM is over doing it. Hell I even bought the GTA Liberty City Episodes game today.

Gun_Senshi3138d ago

Don't you have any common sense to see you are shooting yourself in the foot with this DRM, appart from releasing games 6 months after on PC with high price tag.

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