Squenix wants simultaneous global launch of Last Remnant and FF13

Square Enix's John Yamamoto, president and CEO for North America and Europe, has said that the publisher is busily trying to work out if it can release Last Remnant and Final Fantasy XIII simultaneously worldwide, calling it "a goal".

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Marona3845d ago

Bit typo, can you fix that?

No Versus XIII?... well still I'm happy with those two. Whenever they get released that is.

30ROCK3845d ago

They won't have to wait 3 years for the title to be translated. Or maybe worldwide means USA + Japan for SE, so PALs can import.
Or maybe it's horrible news and it means everyone will wait for their incredibly slow PAL translators to finish so the game can ship. =P

crck3845d ago

until the end of 2k8 for an english version of FF 13.

tehcellownu3845d ago

ill pick up final fantasy 13..last remant not so sure..but it looks great..but ill get that later on down the road

[email protected]3844d ago

I'm so into this... I mean not more waiting.... I hope S-E stand this "simultaneous launch".