PSLS Presents - Dan Connors, CEO and Co-Founder of Telltale

PlayStation LifeStyle Writes,

"Telltale Games has been renowned for its supply of quality episodic graphic adventures since its creation in 2004, namely their Sam and Max series. The studio, formed mainly from former LucasArts employees, have set their sights on the PlayStation Network, intent on replicating the successes they have had on the PC on the Sony console. PlayStation LifeStyle chatted to the CEO and co-founder of Telltale, Dan Connors, about their first venture onto the PlayStation market, Sam and Max: The Devil's Playground, as well as delving into the difficulties of an episodic game structure, and learning about the company's future plans for the PS3."

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doctorstrange3169d ago

Episodic games, they keep me excited, but give me the chance to stop playing if it sucks, without me wasting money on excess levels

Teddybee3169d ago

I loved Blue Toad: Murder Files

godzilla2123169d ago

I like the idea, good interview btw

user94220773169d ago

Sam and Max is awesome - can't wait to download it soon