Most Existing Careers Will Not be Expanded in The Sims 3: Ambitions

After an amiable exchange with the folks at Electronic Arts, Beefjack has learned that The Sims 3: Ambitions will not be enhancing most of the current careers in the game. That means that places like Llama Memorial Stadium will still remain rabbit holes. The medical career stands as the only pre-existing workplace that will be upgraded. Working as a Doctor, one will be able to play around with features like house calls and prescribing experimental pharmaceuticals.

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nkakolowski3136d ago

While this expansion is absurdly exciting, I am a bit sad to find out that it will not really be included the careers already present in the game. As a former athlete, I really want to head out onto the field in The Sims. Even being able to make decisions on my Sims' personality around media and fans would be great.

mrwiggles3135d ago

haha - if you can prescribe experimental drugs that could be really funny!