Media Create hardware sales (4/5 – 4/11)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales figures from Japan.

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Valay3082d ago

Not much change in terms of rankings, but actual sales are down this week.

LordMarius3082d ago

PS3 – 28,973

well there goes the NPD lead, lol

Optical_Matrix3082d ago

yup, and in just a weeks worth of sales lol I'm not too sure how anyone can spin this.

Shang-Long3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Nope not the same the 360 is up this week

HolyOrangeCows3081d ago

The Ps3 already HAD the WW sales last month. All year so far, in fact.

Shang-Long3081d ago

What's up with everyone today? Ppl can't take a joke.

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GUCommander3082d ago

Eh. very similar to last week. It's interesting that sales are down though.

Valay3082d ago

Might be because there weren't any big releases this week. Metal Gear Solid is coming up soon, though...

GUCommander3082d ago

That'll be huge in Japan i'm sure.

boogeyman9993082d ago

Screw the japan market. Pointless.

logichurtsfanboys3082d ago

Funny you say that considering that japan is the only country that kept console gaming alive.

MarshallXDTeach3082d ago

Pretty pointless for Microsoft…see what I did there :)

Have a nice day.

morganfell3082d ago

No, pointless is what the Japanese sales make the 360 lead over the PS3 in North America.

Nathaniel_Drake3081d ago

Perfect reply, if it weren't for Japan there will be a huge gap in console sales between PS3 and X360

Bathyj3081d ago

Haha, you're funny.

M$ dont think Japan is pointless.

They're pouring millions into a region they'll never be accepted in simply because they know its a 2M unit a year deficit they have to make up to Sony and giving up would be seen as weakness and losing face.

Its not about abandoning the few Japanese customers they have, M$ would have no problem with that as we all know, but abandoning all those Japanese Developers might be more than they want to tackle, and rightly so.

It could pretty much mean the death of the Xbox brand if that quit Japan.

Does that sound pointless?

morganfell3081d ago

No, even wiothout Japan the gap would still be huge. Japan simply makes matters worse. Great Britain aside, the PS3 is far outpacing the 360 in Europe. Japan is the coup de grace.

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ATLGAMER3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Those goes that gap,,,,in the npd numbers ////sver now btw...just going back to raven

oldskoolgamer3082d ago

off topic but VALOR FTW on topic: yeah but im sure well hear more spinning than a washing machine

XxZxX3081d ago

Valor is for pussies. Raven FTW

Ivan Drago IV3082d ago

The Wii continues to get outsold by the PS3! so basically in the US the 360 outsells the PS3 by 25,000 consoles but in Japan PS3 outsells the 360 by 80,000 so PS3 took the lead

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