NCAA Football 08 Demo Impressions

A writer at My Arcade Planet takes a look at the demo for the upcoming NCAA Football title.

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cain1413846d ago

I've stopped expecting much from Madden/NCAA. They don't really change much, and well if consumers keep buying them, why would they worry about major improvements.

Funky Town_TX3846d ago

I'm a hugh FB fan. This game is garbage. EA should be banned from game development for making this game. I can't believe I wasted electricity downloading this.

likeaboss3023846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

I just played the demo on 360 and I'm not impressed. I have to agree the graphics don't look any better but at least during play the game is smoother. I still don't understand why the refs aren't on the field yet? Is it that hard to put them and the chain gang back? I feel like I'm playing a scrimmage game. The new play calling menu sucks as well. Talk about trying to cram a bunch of stuff into a tiny window. Needless to say I have no interest in playing it again. I don't have much hope for Madden 08 after this crap.

EA Sports. We are still missing part of the last gen game!

gogators3846d ago

people will still buy the game; thus they have no reason to spend the money to improve on a mediocre game. It's just continues to be dissappionting that EA has the rights for these games.

FCOLitsjustagame3845d ago

I was not impressed. That being said it was a small demo so I will wait for impressions from people who play the full game before deciding on a purchase. I also need to get a look at 2k to see what they have to offer. I really REALLY want a football game and my choices are limited at this point.

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