iTWire Review: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction

iTWIre write: "Sam Fisher is one tough and sneaky guy. The kind of guy you want on your side, Splinter Cell Conviction provides lots of co-op opportunity to do just that, and packs a reasonably meaty single player campaign. Don those night vision goggles; it's time to infiltrate the latest Tom Clancy branded game. "

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Agheil3169d ago

110 degrees with no comments i smell microsoft money

playstation_clan3169d ago

I just got restricted for commenting bad on this game. I really hate dirty money

Obama3168d ago

There are bunch of 7s and most of them never reach such degrees. Weird.

Justin_bristoe3168d ago

they talked ish about heavy rain being 87 on meta and this peice of junk is only 85:( and thats only because meta counted all sites that had either x or box in the name lmao!! this game doesnt deserve a 9