March NPD Sales Report

The sales data for March is in. Find out which version of Final Fantasy XIII performed the best and how did God of War III do in the opening month of sales on the PS3.

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3138d ago
Omega43138d ago

Indeed even with the boost in PS3 stock, quite shocking.

But Sony did do well on the software front, really well.

Shamuz3138d ago

And Wii beats 360 & PS3 once again.

Danja3138d ago

360 edges out PS3 once again not by much as the PS3 was experiencing shortages for most of the month of march..

Good figures for everyone except PSP..

PS3 had a great month with some impressive software totals..

snake-OO3138d ago

once again people need to be reminded that the NPD does not cover to biggest retailers, wallmart and amazon. so i dont know why people follow NPD results.

Jedward-3138d ago

By a tiny amount and with shortages.. where i live you can get 360,s 200 cheaper lol you know that small deficit gets wiped out in japan every week right?

jahcure3138d ago

In their only leading territory, they outsold the ps3 by 20k for the MONTH? Doesn't the ps3 do more than this in ONE WEEK in Japan?

Waiting for the WW numbers to be posted...this can't be pretty for MS

BRG90003138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Pachter's prediction here was pretty spot-on.

Just figured I'd point this out before everyone claims he's "never right" when he makes April predictions. :P

Edit @ 1.10 below: Are you just making numbers up? The NPD says 0.49M and this excludes certain large retailers and other parts of the world. It's a safe bet that at least 0.75M have sold worldwide, and I'm willing to guess that is plenty for a port to be profitable.

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Cartesian3D3138d ago

FFXIII sold about 2.7 million on PS3 and 0.45 million on Xbox360..

did SE made money on 360? (I know the only cost is porting the game ..but.. 0.45 milion isnt enough )

how many people didnt buy FFXIII just because it isnt an exclusive game? (exclusive means more HYPE imo)

to SE : how many games do you need as proof that 360 cant make enough money from JRPG games?

darthv723138d ago

i was the 1 millionth purchaser of that game. all i got with my game was a bag and the receipt.

N4BmpS3138d ago

Okay You'd figure sales for the Wii would have slowed down by now, who's still buying this system? I wonder what world wide sales look like? I'm proud of you GoW3 You managed to beat two Pokemon Games sales were solid as hell for the gaming industry last month.

superrey193138d ago

Yea 360 beats ps3 by a small margin in the US, but not rest of the world.

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Tinted Eyes3138d ago

Too bad about the 2 week PS3 shortage.

BYE3138d ago

North Americans still buy 360s like crazy.

I guess you gotta support domestic companies during hard times...

morganfell3138d ago

North American sales + Japanese sales for the month = gloomy picture for MS.

News flash for the mentally handicapped, North America =/= the world.

TOO PAWNED3138d ago

WOW what a software month for Sony.
Again VGchartz fail with GOW numbers, can we ban that site from N4G?
Anyways The show 350k wtf? That is impressive. FF13 for PS3 FTW, even if MS had exclusive adds hahah and mighty GOW3 strikes!

How will Greenberg spin this one?

infamousinfolite3138d ago

Because that's all we have to go by. Unless someone can bring up something better that's al we're going by.

Carlton Banks3138d ago

Wow only losing by 20k with PS3 having shortages half the month? And look at the software sales, great for Sony.

qface643138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

only thing i find sad are those sale numbers for FF13 360
i remember certain people wouldn't shut about how the 360 version was gonna trump the ps3 version

the wii beat out the 360 for the month weren't people making a big deal about february and how the 360 was gonna begin its reign?

real winner here is pokemon lol sales are gonna be 3 to 4 times that in a while

Erotic Sheep3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Oh for the love of god, it's NPD and NOT worldwide. I can't believe people are already celebrating from left and right when we all know if Japan and Europe get add up to this, the PS3 takes the cake. Even then, who gives a flying crap?

I'm actually happy to see GOW3 sell that good in just America only when it got released HALF of march. It really rewards Sony Santa Monica for their hard work!

PshycoNinja3138d ago

The first three comments on this article are 360 fanboys. But at least Omega isn't being a usual fanboy. Good job man your almost there.

PS @ Omega, Sony didnt have a stock boost, PS3's were still out of stock and there were still shorages, but it does seem better now. Other then that good comment.

TheHater3138d ago

The PS3 outsold the xbox 360 by 173,545 units in Japan last month according to Media Create. The Xbox 360 outsold the PS3 by 25K in North America last month. Which is a wider gap, 173k or 25k?

You fanboys can continue circle jerking each other now...back to playing Resistance Fall of Man

Captain Tuttle3138d ago

The same people say "USA does not equal the world". I agree. But this is a story about the NPD's and that does equal the USA, no where else. You people are like broken records.

eagle213138d ago

PS3 cleaned up in software. Nintendo cleaned up in hardware/software. 360 isn't impressing anyone who has all their brain functioning. :)

lelo2play3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Honestly... i expected the PS3 to outsell the X360 this month in the USA due to God of War 3.

Very good sales for God of War 3.

Nintendo dominates everything.

Why are their still so many people buying the ps2, with so many great games already on the PS3/X360?

HolyOrangeCows3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

However, the Japanese numbers have tipped the hardware sales in favor of the Ps3 all year, including March.

Another great month for the PS3.

It's about March 2010's sales. If they're going to leave part of it out, I don't see any problem showing the other chunk.
EDIT: Interesting spin; Japan isn't as big of a market, so we can ignore it.
EDIT: NPD has to do with sales and so does this. Stop trying so hard, you'll get dizzy.

soxfan20053138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

So, go brag in a Japanese sales thread. This is a U.S. sales article in case you didn't notice.

You know, the U.S., the country whose share of the video game market is nearly 4X as big as Japan's (or any other country for that matter).

EDIT - Japan deserves to be ignored here because NPD has NOTHING to do with Japan.

StanLee3138d ago

Kudos to Sony. 2 exclusives in the top ten and a great showing for Final Fantasy XIII on the platform. They were the software leaders this month. Great showing from God of War III.

JokesOnYou3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Great GoW3 & FFXIII sales for sony, its not surprising the most popular jrpg sells almost double on the ps3, while BBC sold almost double on the 360 this month. I don't remember the last time ps3 had 2 exclusives in the top 10, so thats great news for sony but I got to lmfao, when I hear the shortages crap, because I see stacks of ps3's everywhere + online (360's & wii's too), I doubt here in San Diego we have them all, anyone who wants a ps3 can find one very easily and everyone on this site knows it. 360 did well with only exclusive Metro 2033 out for March, which was a decent game but not great and certainly not well known and considering jrpg's aren't very popular among most 360 owners(judging by past sales) I think FF on 360 has do pretty good, its definitely easily going to be the best selling jrpg on the 360. I would have expected FF & GoW3 to push more hardware for sony since I've heard so many times how those games would push alot of hardware, but still a very good month for ps3 overall.


ericnellie3138d ago

I've taken about a year break from this site and I just got back to see that all the same people are saying the same things they said a year ago. Shortages this or wait for that but at the end of the day, I sleep well knowing that the PS3 will never catch the 360 or Wii in sales! lol! Too funny but I called it from the beginning! Please click disagree....the more I get, the more I know that I've won! LOL!

Aquanox3138d ago

Wow! PS3 software sales are really good but it impresses me than even with God of War 3 and FFXIII out in the same month they couldn't outsell the Xbox 360. Of course I'm not buying the "Shortages" excuse anymore.

EVILDEAD3603138d ago

Software was the most interesting story

God of War 3 was the one of the most anticipated titles in the PS3 history and it topped Final Fantasy as the biggest title of the month

The Final Fantasy PS3 vs. 360 smear campaign is already in the books. First they bashed the game for even coming to the 360. Then they attacked the game itself. Then they spent the last two weeks telling the world that the 360 version sucked. In the end..852K for the PS3 vs 493K for the 360..

Battlefield: Bad Company 2's astonishing numbers on the 360 almost topple FINAL FANTASY for the PS3. NO ONE in the industry or fanbase called that one. Once again EA sees big success on the 360 in 2010.

We all know that anytime the 360 beats the PS3 in Hardware..all the PS3 fans turn Japanese..and start pulling out..bu-bu-but Media Create and NPD isnt the world for the 1 Millionth time..

But, the 360 continues to be in the best position it's ever been..

Within the next two month the 360 hits the magical mark of the 40 million install base..

By continuing to beat out the PS3 in NPD and remaining neck in neck in all OTHERS..the losses in Japan are pretty negligent..

If you even low ball the 360's NPD momentum are looking at adding 2 million more to the 360 install base by September.

Modern Warfare 2 and BFBC2s 360 numbers are only a small preview of what's about to happen this year..

September will see the MONSTER release of Halo Reach..who opening day will dwarf some games ENTIRE lifetime sales. Japan will have ZERO to do with those sales. This goes for the rest of the exclusives from Fable to next years Gears of War..

Now the PS3 is a whole different animal..Homeland Japan is obviously a major force in it's strategy.

But as we see..NPD and Europe etc. are where the game sales really matter for the 360.


mindedone3138d ago

Just to be sure, would you NOT sleep well if PS3 caught up to Xbox360?

JD_Shadow3138d ago

And N4G will go crazy with the normal hysteria, insults, fanboys calling others fanboys as if they are all innocent or allowed to be called gamers knowing what they put others through, etc etc etc. They don't care about what led to certain numbers, they don't care WHERE they came from, or why it happened, or what's included and what isn't. All they care about is the bottom line, and to hell with how big or small the margin is.

We know that damn Wii STILL prints money (and why shouldn't it? Nintendo has done an AWESOME job cornering a gaming fan base that no one ever thought of cornering. Why fix what isn't broken?). We know Microsoft counts things they shouldn't in their data and we know the hardware faults are part of the reason why we still see MS sales the way they are. We know Sony had PS3 shortages for a while now (which is good because that means demand is so high for them that they can't keep up with supply needs) that will negatively affect what happens to the hardware sales (the 360 fanboys forgot what MS claimed was the reasons behind the slow sales of the 360 back in Jan through Mar of 08).

Actually, the shortage claim seems to me to be a reverse deja vu, if there IS such a thing as one. This time, it's Sony that's suffering shortages at the exact same time MS claimed to have some in 08. Now, look at what kind of E3 and latter half of 08 they had following that. Simple thing is this: I remember HHG saying in one of his vids (I know you guys love to hate him, but still) something about MS doing the same mistakes NOW that Sony did back in 07: lack of marketing, thinking they can rest on their laurels, etc. MS took big advantage of Sony's mistakes then, and now we're seeing Sony being the company with shortages and beginning to gain momentum while MS focuses way too much on Natal. Could E3 08 repeat itself but with the roles reversed this time? That "big announcement" that we heard something about that Sony has in store for E3 is something that's more on my mind now than before when considering this.

Montrealien3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

and the best news! and NPD news piece did not surpase 600 degree almost 20 hours in.

These articles bring out the stupidest in people on N4G. Every month all I see is an industry doing great with so many consoles on the market and every one of them is viable and making money, 10 years ago we where debating if the market can support 3 home based consoles, now not only is this a fact, but all three are thriving. Thats the best news, not the spin some people do to favor X console over Y console....what a waste of functioning brain cells.

don`t even bother reading the comments on this news piece, 95% of them are just a complete waste of time.

raztad3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )


Good thing you noticed it. I'm gonna tell you why:

1) PS3 - Xbox360 sales gap was narrow

2) GoW3 sold better than expected.

3) FFXIII was 2:1 favouring the PS3 version.

4) There are TWO SOny exclusives in the top ten.

Overall an insane moth for the software on PS3, quite good on the hardware side considering PS3 tight supplies. This NPD is not that exciting for some fans.

pegger243137d ago

to all those saying the ps3 had shortages...There may be like 8 people in the US who wanted a PS3 and didn't get one...let it go

Syronicus3137d ago

The 360 is taking a beating world wide. They needed much more than this to beat the PS3 globally. Too bad MS, your days are numbered.

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Shamuz3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Close between 360 & PS3, Wii just dominates.

MattyF3138d ago

Awesome software figures. Wow at GOW3 selling over 1.1 million!!

Jedward-3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Ps3 kicking ass even with shortages and god of war top of da muthafvckin charts kiss my ass bots.

edit:PS3 it only loses every month

It sold around 15k less than a much cheaper console with shortages also , btw that small deficit would be wiped out in one week in japan lol

knightdarkbox3138d ago

PlayStation 3 313.9K Xbox 360 338.4K
nothing new here 360 leads again in this month..( like february) but but the slim shortages effect!

sony have Embarrassing Moments since lauch of ps3 in 2006..

So have at it ps3 fanboys. Keep trying to create positive press for your failing console. You're doing the marketing that your pathetic exclusives of Sony should be doing for its own franchises.


what? ps3 fanboys don't trust ps3 software sales anymore..

God of War sold good but nothing mind-boggling.. gears 2 and halo odst halo 3 for exmaple sold 'only' sold 2.5 million copies in ONLY 1 DAY OF SALES..


Wrathman3138d ago

japan blah blah.the xbox sells well in english speaking,usa and hate to be playin online with some japanese dude.swearin down the low quality mic on psn in japanese.

but it seems that the slim effect is steadily wearin off.sales just get will be worse now that the ps3 has no big exclusives left til gt5 comes out this year.maybe.

and if rumours are true then MS should experience a huge surge in sales with a slim of their own.and natal.and you can say wot you like about natal.but it will sell like water in the sahara.

id say the same about MOVE but id only be kiddin couldnt sell that if it had megan fox juice oozin from the ball.lmao

arsenal553138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Ps3 and 360 sales the same in US?!??!

ps3 outsells 360 everywhere else in the world so whats that make it? ps3 outselling 360 every month by around 500,000 worldwide?

And Sony is having a shortage.. poor 360.. no one wants the piece of trash anymore

MAG_SVER3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

IT only RROD EVERY SECOND, exclusively on XBOT LIVE

gamertag- matyr1x, sorry THE TRUTH HURTS

SONY controls the WORLD, MS controls grease burger town with a bunch of fat 360 kids with greasy controllers.


VGChartz Hardware data for the period 27th Dec 2009 to 10th Apr 2010:

Console Total

PS3 3,542,743
X360 -2,628,196
DIFFERENCE 914,547 in FAVOR of SONY in 1st four months. By these numbers SONY is on pace to outsell MS by 2,743,641 Consoles this year WORLDWIDE.

Just for the hell of it here is the result for Japan from the period 27th Dec 2009 to 10th Apr 2010:

PS3 - 584,894
X360 - 54,582

Man MS is getting RAPED, plain & simple !!!!