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"One of the most pleasing aspects of the game's story is in the focus on the characters rather than the events happening around them. The Splinter Cell franchise has always been about being the man instead of the tool. In this way Splinter Cell has provided plausible geo-political scenarios that let players explore conflicts and the use of cyber warfare. Conviction isn't truly about stopping a conspiracy that threatens Washington D.C.: rather, it is about the franchise's principle character Sam Fisher."

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TwelfthCrusader3141d ago

I really can't wait to play this. It's out in the UK tomorrow but I really don't have the cash to play it and reading this review just makes me want it even more!

Natsu X FairyTail3141d ago

Who cares if it's aa or not?

does a Game being AA stop you from playing them?

Do you play


need I remind you that they are all AA titles with a meta loer than 9?

Fishy Fingers3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Well that's how I decide upon my lunch, I stand and ask people I dont know what they think out of 100, of the chicken sandwich, then maybe the egg mayo.

I'll take my calculator and work out their averages, if it isn't 90+, well I just go hungry.

Thank god for metacritic to tell me what I like, without it I'd never play anything.

BlackTar1873141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

so far.

All ive played and i recommend it.

Ill never understand why people will give natsu disagrees just cuz sure you may not agree with him personally but what he said isnt exactly false he is making a rash and general statement that falls in line with the above line of thought.

Well anyways everyone game is fun get it enjoy it and dont worry about score.

Before any one asks i only come into these to read the crazzies arguing. Its fun as hell : )

Game on people

raztad3141d ago


Stop the AA bullcrap, we all need to stop it. Many good games are 7+.

Sunny_D3141d ago

For real, I'm tired of the bullsh!t metacritic now... Some of my favorite games were not AAA like Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 or Black.

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DarkBlood3141d ago

i was in toy's rus today after an interveiw somewher eelse i went to check out the game section and i saw the specail edition copy for $69.99 and the regular edition for $64.99 i was like WTF o.o

BlackTar1873141d ago

marks games up as well.

they have market there kids only want to go to toys r us and when they convince there parents most parents arnt gonna know its cheaper other places.

i hate the practice but it happens here in cali

DarkBlood3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

yeah if it that was the only place for some odd reason i could only get games from id say why the hellnot id rather pay the collecters edition if that was the price everywhere else but none the less i'll be waiting till boxing day to see it cheaper unless it ends up on the ps3 i'll get that version instead

mirroredderorrim3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Yes. lots of business are doing this with food and other things. Take Beer for example; for 30 beers in a box, it's around 20 bucks, while 36 costs 21 and some change.

worm20103141d ago

good score, still not getting it until i finish ff13

TwelfthCrusader3141d ago

Are you STILL playing Final Fantasy?

So am I :P

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