EA: 'Activision shot Modern Warfare racehorse'

It's been a tough week for Activision Blizzard and Infinity Ward. At last count, the departures from the studio behind the blockbuster Modern Warfare 2 total nine [Update: it's actually 13], including some key programming and design people. The firing of studio heads Jason West and Vince Zampella directly led to the formation of Respawn Entertainment, and Activision rival Electronic Arts has already benefited from the fallout, signing Respawn to an exclusive publishing deal.

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Shaman3141d ago

And so this is how it begins...folks,forget about MS vs Sony wars,this is going to be one hell of a blood bath :)

Noctis Aftermath3141d ago

Now all we need is some commentators, popcorn and a few drinks and it's time to sit back and watch the show.

-MD-3141d ago

It's fun to watch bad things happen to Activision.

interrergator3141d ago

i definately agree *drinks a beer and eats popcorn*

The BS Police3140d ago

I think everyone can agree to that!

drdistracto7073140d ago

i remember when EA was the "Activision of today"

they've gone and cleaned up their act though... lets hope EA stays this way (the way which involves releasing good, quality, relatively bug free games)

a_squirrel3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Yup, the bigger they are, the more they shoot themselves?

DaTruth3140d ago

It's nice when PS3/360 gamers/fanboys can all come together and agree!

captain-obvious3140d ago

im afraid that EA goes back to what it used to be
remember EA is being friendly with us just to take down activision

Commander TK3140d ago

EA, I´d take them over Activision anyday of the year

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squeeb3141d ago

EA is like unstoppable now...I guess I'm fine with that as long as they keep releasing quality titles.

Ryuha1234h3140d ago

EA and Activision both sucked. I use to like Activision back in the ps1 days, now I can't stand them and EA I always hated EA , their games sucked, except for Dead Space.

SeanRL3140d ago

It seems EA is determined to make Activision look bad. Really and truly I can't say that I feel sorry for Activision though, they're getting what they deserve.

NMC20073140d ago

It's going to be funny when the new MW game releases and destroys whatever games EA will release, EA really shouldn't be talking so much as their games have been in the ****house when sales are concerned.

Those saying BFBC2 sales, sure, that's good, but it still doesn't beat MW2, and sure a few people took off from IW, doesn't mean they are the only people capable of making a game, IIRC there are about 100 people working at IW(less with the walk-offs), so unless the entire IW staff walks off then Acti will be just fine.

*shrugs* I really don't care to be honest, too bad EA won't give us another Mirror's Edge, also too bad they are actioning up Dead Space 2, ah well.

Xlll3140d ago

MW2 was weak. It was a complete rip off. Just like what happened to MoH. they basicly did what CoD is doing now over and over again. Gamers will get tired of the same thing over and over again.

NYC_Gamer3140d ago

EA will be happy once that new project comes and its way better than Cod gameplay wise....

logichurtsfanboys3140d ago

I read an article about the lawsuits between West and Zampella vs Activision earlier in Game Informer. And apparently, Activision can't make another CoD game that takes place in post Vietnam without the written consent of West And Zampella. So I don't think there is going to be another MW game anytime soon.

FragGen3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

@5.3: Set it in the "near future" and that's solved. You can knock them for lots of stuff but I'm sure Activision has a top notch legal team making that stick when they own the freaking studio may be kind of hard... ;)

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