iPhone Shooter 'N.O.V.A.' to go Multi-Platform

Gameloft's hit first-person shooter N.O.V.A. is to go multi-platform.

The game debuted on the iPhone last year before receiving a HD facelift for the iPad. According to the studio's vice president of publishing Gonzague de Vallois, the title will be released for new formats in the future.

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darthv723167d ago

seem logical. Gameloft has released several games for the dsi, no reason this would be left out.

SpoonyRedMage3167d ago

I'd say PSP is more likely and perhaps a DSiware but they might wait for 3DS. After all Hero of Sparta for DSi was only revealed recently and doesn't seem too close to release.

George Sears3167d ago

I got this one. Has some decent graphics compared to other iTouch/Phone games.