2007 E3 Report: Sneak Peek at future info and media Editorial:
"Get ready, gamers: The most anticipated event of the entire gaming year, the Electronic Entertainment Expo-aka E3-is about to kick into overdrive this week in bright and sunny southern California.

A Sneak peek at just some of the eye-opening news we're hoping to line up for you:

Dig Ratchet and Clank® Future: Tools of Destruction for the PLAYSTATION®3 system? We'll have the latest on the dynamic duo's all new high-definition adventure.
Ready to test-drive a dragon in Lair? We'll kick the tires, and drive it around ye olde castle a few times."

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hazeblaze4024d ago

I'll definitely be checking this site for any possible exclusive news or interviews.

kspraydad4024d ago


We might even have some special, one-of-a kind information to impart on the mighty PlayStation®2 system.

VirtualGamer4024d ago

I believe the rumour is that Sony will be announcing a mew Wii like controller for the PS2.

sumfood4u4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

here's a small treat I enjoy watching Human Tetris!