GameZone: Zoned in, The Genres That'll Succeed On Apple's iPad

GameZone's Alex Coulter shares his thoughts on the iPad's functionality, the increased screen size, and the possibility of it being a great device for Real Time Strategy games, though having certain limitations.

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Caspel3164d ago

Glad the writer didn't put down the obvious puzzle games genre.

Nakerman3164d ago

I think boardgames could become popular on the iPad.

Caspel3164d ago

I'd love to see Risk on there.

dwb63164d ago

those would actually rly do well. anything rly basic and addicting goes great on ipad/touch/phone


BNB823164d ago

I agree that boardgames could be done well on the ipad. I just wonder when "Microsoft" will be coming out with their tablet.

craazy3164d ago

Pretty sure side-scroller shooters would rule on an iPad

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The story is too old to be commented.