The Rise of Indie

resumeplay writes: "It seems lately indie games have been increasing in popularity. At PAX alone there were a lot of indie studios showcasing their games. Penny Arcade even devoted some space for local Boston studios."

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SKGamer3165d ago

Indie is becoming a huge part of the game industry. Every system out there now has some kind of platform for indie game development, so its only natural that we'd see more and more of these games.

Bring on more gems like World of Goo :)

mau643165d ago

yup, bought world of goo for a penny... had to take up that offer they had going for a while on their site.

brandynevils3165d ago

Can't wait for the next Behemoth game honestly.

mau643165d ago

this is a good article, I love the fact that small developers are getting so much exposure lately.

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