NXT Gamer: Lazy Raiders Review

Lazy Raiders is the latest title from Sarbakan Studios, a company not exactly renowned for quality. Previous titles include Back at the Barnyard: Hide 'n' Go Milk, The Incredibles: Save the Day! and Littlest Pet Shop: My Teeniest Town. It is something of a change of pace for the studio then, as their latest game Lazy Raiders, is actually rather fun. You control lead charater Dr. Diggabone, or rather, the area around the good doctor. As the title suggest, Diggabone is a very lazy raider. The player's job is to get him to the pick axe at the end of the level, eventually collecting each of the 16 relics. It's a simple formula for Sarbakan's first XBLA game, but does it hold solid across the game's 75 levels?

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