Face-Off Mode adds a ton of replay to Splinter Cell Conviction

Splinter Cell Conviction has been received fairly well by the critics, at an 86 currently on Metacritic, it will likely be deemed a commercial success. Pre release there was a lot of bad press ( us included ) about the games deviation from the Splinter Cell formula which was slated to contain no multiplayer component like its predecessors. Yes, we're talking about Spies vs. Mercs. While it's definitely missed, Face-Off has taken it's place, sort of.
Face-Off pits two user controlled spies against each other while fending off waves of enemy A.I. and it's an absolute joy to play. We haven't seen many reviewers mentioning this mode in their reviews in much more than a gloss over. But a game mode that seems pretty simple on the surface is actually deep, rich, and engaging to the point that I can see it adding tens of hours if not more of playtime to Splinter Cell Conviction. Don't just take our word for it, watch the video above, and then nod your head in agreement.(more)

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FanboyAttack3138d ago

I really would have liked Spies vs. Mercs. Face Off is good and it's true it does add some value, but it's no SvM.

math3138d ago

Could have been a lot better actually. Face Off is fun, for a little while. I'm guessing within a week or so Splinter Cell Conviction will not be seen in my recently played games list. Who wants to play One on One?

-Alpha3137d ago

And so am I by the scores. Not that they are bad but I was expecting instant AAA. Was really interested until I found out the length. Haven't seen much of the MP though. I've lost interest in the title since, but man the Ubisoft forums have some serious backlash by "hardcore" fans. It's sad to think that they weren't able to execute a great game considering how much time was spent on this game. Makes me fear for GT5 if by some freak accident it turns out to disappoint.

Nonetheless I can't speak from experience but people do enjoy the game, but I had thought it was going to be a juggernaut title, and the internet has mostly been silent since its release.

Johnny53138d ago

I actually think it's better than Spies v mercs. I am probably alone here but this mode is ridiculus. Its like a big ass campaign map with graphics as good as the campaign fully featured and theres nothing better than sneaking up on your opponent while hes getting rushed by guards and taking him out.

Crazyhorse3138d ago

played it not good at all. Looks wors that Xbox 1

kenlawson3138d ago

So you played it? What would make you play a game that you called "Splinter Flop" in the open section. You are just complete biased fanboy.

Crazyhorse3138d ago

I played it for five minutes and this enough to know that it's crap.

poe3138d ago

Why not just go hang out at Hip Hoper Game Show site instead of N4G. That way you can hang out with the liars and PS3 fanboys.

Crazyhorse3138d ago

Tom Floppers Splinter Flop Floption

kenlawson3138d ago

Lemme go out on a limb here, you have never played the game and your complete fanboy bias will prohibit you from ever experiencing this game. It's ok, it's your loss.

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