Metal Gear Solid Trailer Coming to PlayStation Store

Posted by Patrick Seybold on the official Playstation blog.

"I just got word that we'll have a very cool treat coming this week to the PLAYSTATION Store. What would E3 be without a new Metal Gear Solid trailer?

The latest Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer will be available exclusively for download on the PLAYSTATION Store shortly following our press conference tomorrow. From our friends over at Konami and Kojima Productions, I heard they were still putting the final touches on the trailer a mere five hours before it was hand carried today to Santa Monica for E3!!

As a reminder, the press conference will be streamed here, but if you're one of the many MGS purists, you will no doubt want to download the trailer straight from the PlayStation Store in HD and 5.1 surround. Enjoy!"

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billmo4026d ago

Booyah.... This is gonna be awesome

hella whip4026d ago

lol wonder if its gonna be on live marketplace aswell?!?

.......Just joking everyone!!!!

Marceles4026d ago

lol @ disagrees, i love this site

tehcellownu4026d ago

hell yea!!! cant wait to dowload it tomrrow..

aaquib24026d ago

Notice the word EXCLUSIVE on the title? Sorry Microsoft, maybe the next MGS. Atleast you have.....halo?

pwnsause4026d ago

why do you keep jinxing it, dony jinx it!!!!

Marceles4026d ago

finally i get to see the trailer besides on my computer, i cant wait to see how much new stuff they added or if it's a remix of another trailer

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The story is too old to be commented.