Spawn Kill Review - Dragon Age: Awakening

Dana "Heart1lly" Russo writes:

"Grey Wardens will be venturing to the land of Amaranthine in Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening, BioWare's first expansion to the hit Dragon Age: Origins. It is in Amaranthine that you will be embarking on a brand new 15-20 hour adventure as the Commander of the Grey, either as an imported character or a brand new Warden from Orlais. It's a short stint that offers new side quests, new characters and of course, a new story line."

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rrquinta3138d ago

I don't care if it's flawed, I'm still looking forward to playing this one. :)

K-Tuck3138d ago

My normal experience with Dragon Age was one with a good deal of lag -- I could probably overlook a few bugs as long as they never impeded my progress.

ihaten4glol3138d ago

I have no business ever touching this before I finish the game someday. Maybe. I keep getting stuck.

tigresa3138d ago

Oh man, well, what's most important is you still stand behind that the story is good -- I can get past some bugs/glitches as long as the story is worthwhile.