Tretton: We 'Ushered In Motion Control'

SCEA President and CEO Jack Tretton believes that Sony 'ushered in motion control' with the PlayStation 2's EyeToy, and that the platform giant is now ready to take the technology to the next level.

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respawnaction3169d ago

I suppose in actuality it does make sense, but, if it wasn't so big now he wouldn't be saying this. He is only saying it b/c of Wii and Move. He wasn't so proud when eye-toy was first out.

-Alpha3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

http://www.computerandvideo... That was this month!

Nintendo truly mainstreamed it. The only reason Eyetoy received any success was because of how mainstream the PS2 was. Eyetoy did make motion control more popular that way, but it never really "ushered" in until Nintendo showed how to build a console around it. The fact that he said this and people buy it is downright sad and blind fanboyism at its finest.

I really don't like How Tretton is bringing out Sony's arrogant side. First he arrogantly equates Natal to Eyetoy when the irony is that that same ignorant comment can be made for Move with Wii. Deliver the games, the products, and at worst let fanboys tug at the company's ego.

BeaArthur3169d ago

I mean who does he think he's fooling. If it weren't for the Wii there wouldn't be a Playstation Move.

Christopher3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

I'll give him ushering in motion control if he'll admit that they failed to follow through with it and fumbled the ball, let Nintendo pick up the ball and run with it for 80 yards with the Wii, and then Sony took the ball from Nintendo to run the last 10 yards with Move.

Move is definitely an advancement over Wii and Sony definitely had a hand in starting the motion gaming technology, but you can't discount the fact that they fumbled the heck out of the ball and Nintendo was right there to pick it up and run with it like crazy.

I think Tretton is a great guy, one of the few people you can get some brutally honest answers from in regards to Sony's issues. But, it's occasional comments like this that really don't make him look all that great.

Therealspy033169d ago

I remember playing a virtual reality shooter game back in the early 90s at disney world.

it had 1 to 1 motion recognition. so if jack really wants to look at it like that, then no, they didn't usher it in. it's been around for 2 decades or more.

-Alpha3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Well said, but no company would admit their failings, not until they've succeeded or are 10 years down the road looking back :)

Take how Insomniac bashed themselves over Resistance 2 or how Epic admitted to how much they failed at Gears 2 online. Incredibly noble, but not something fans want to hear after the games have been forgotten about.

Sony's just trying to get some attention for the motion wars by reaffirming that they are experienced with the trade. Personally I find that everybody before Nintendo failed to ever make motion control successful on consoles. Blame it on the technology or the lack of interest, but motion control only really took off because of Nintendo. Basing a whole console around motion control was a risky move and because of it Nintendo has made motion controls so important.

Sony was not the first of the three to make motion control nor were they the ones that made it mainstream. Eyetoy was relatively successful to the PS2's popularity. So Tretton really has no grounds here. I absolutely hate it when leaders have to dip into fanboy pools to promote their companies because it's crap like this that keeps fanboys going.

Still, I find that Move has the most capability to cater to hardcore games, and if that happens then Sony could make that claim, much like how they ushered in a new audience of gamers with the original Playstation. However, they have never ushered in motion controls and that is a downright arrogant thing for Sony to say.

raztad3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Hey alpha why so much fuss? you are quite sensitive, arent you? EyeToy was before the Wii, and had some real games. It never was mainstream because the PS2 was dominating the market and probably Sony never feel like pushing it, instead they focused on better, more mature content and I'm glad they did.

EDIt: WOW, 2 disagrees before I even had a chance to finish my post.


See bro, I dont even care. I just was wondering why so sensible, it's not like Tretton attack you personally.

-Alpha3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

"EyeToy was first"

Dude, come on, you can't be serious. Look at the comments below from Soda Pop, chris, sevir04. It's not even first out of the three since Nintendo did motion first. It's not first on consoles. It is first on consoles against MS and Nintendo maybe, but that is a seriously desperate attempt to try and give credit to Sony. You have to discredit and ignore so much facts just to conclude that Sony is "first". Is it that important for Sony to get recognized for this when they clearly have to jump through loopholes to validate the soundness of this claim?

Edit: ok so you edited to say it was before the Wii and had real games. Well guess what, there were others before Eyetoy that also had games. "Real Games"? Really? That's such an ignorant attempt to manipulate Eyetoy's superiority. I take it that you never used Nintendo Camera, because it had "real games". How could you say real motion controlled games didn't exist before Eyetoy when the arcades were FILLED with them?? I don't understand Sony fans constant attempt to try and act as if Sony innovated motion controls

"It never was mainstream"

You just proved Tretton wrong. Sony DIDN'T usher in motion controls first with the eyetoy then because by your admittance it wasn't even that mainstream, just like all the other motion attempts by other companies before Wii. Tretton flatly states they ushered it in which is absolute horsecrap. There is no fuss, except on the end of Sony fans that can never disagree with Sony despite blatantly being wrong.

Edit: Well raztad if you dont want to debate it then fine, but don't appeal to my emotions as a cover up. You know Tretton is wrong and you tried to defend him on some level, so I think you do care, but you just cant argue it.

Exactly, he's just a mouthpiece, yet people will STILL eat up what he is saying even though he is wrong.

There is a fixation to be "first" and its driven by fanboyism that wants to constantly tout a company's horn. People just care about keeping score at home. Trying to force themselves to believe Sony was "First" scores points under the "innovation" category. It's a silly agenda.

Bigpappy3169d ago

May be Jack doesn't know "Jack". Think about it. Jack is a suit, not a gamer. He sits in the office and sign of on other peoples ideas and sets budgets. He has no idea what happen in the gaming world before he got his new gig. I doubt he is aware he is lying. The people around him should pull him aside and them him to modify his statement.

Hideo_Kojima3169d ago

In my eyes just because Nintendo released analogue sticks first it doesn't mean that their analogue sticks are better.

This is the same.

I do believe that Eye Toy was quite a major leap in motion controls. It was also the first that put you in the game.

ryhanon3169d ago

The sad truth is that you're probably spot on with that assessment.

The bottom line is it's all marketing and sales talking points that they feel they can get away with, no matter how untrue any of the statements happen to be. As far as I'm aware Nintendo was the first, not with the Wii, but with the Power Glove in the 80s. I suppose it's possible somebody did it before them, but it sure as hell wasn't Sony.

In any case, why would anyone in their right mind want to take credit for this crap? I'm trying to stay cautiously optimistic about Move and Natal, but so far I have little reason to believe either of these will perform any better than the Wii. I suspect people will gobble them up at first, and just like the Wii, will stop supporting the platforms after realizing it's all a gimmick for ridiculously shallow games.

Neo6043169d ago

it's come down to who get the best quality and don't tell me you truly don't know.
Maybe some still prefer old CPU instead of duo core or quadcore.

3169d ago
soxfan20053169d ago

PS3 fans hate Aaron Greenburg for comments just like Jack Tretton is making.

kwyjibo3169d ago

...the wheel, the concept of time, and the Abrahamic faiths.

Motion control is nothing.

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Sevir043169d ago

there is some truth but motion control was around long before the ps2 came to the market

TheoreticalParticle3169d ago

There were motion control games in arcades, and for the Webcam before the Eyetoy. But he's right that the EyeToy was the first major effort at motion control by any of the current Big 3.

DelbertGrady3169d ago

Microsoft had the Sidewinder Freestyle Pro back in 1998.

ryhanon3169d ago

And Nintendo had the Power Glove way back in the late 80s, over 20 years ago. In fact, thinking back on it, I'm really surprised this motion control craze didn't begin 15+ years ago.

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PhilipLarkin3169d ago

EyeToy wasn't really motion control, as it is today...

wollie3169d ago

eye toy did suck, but as far as i know no one did motion control on a console before it.

SpoonyRedMage3169d ago

Oh there was plenty before it. The Dreamcast had motion controllers and there was the Power Glove and U-force(3D infrared camera) for the NES. There's probably plenty of examples earlier than that even.

mjolliffe3169d ago

Yep, there were a load out there before it. Eyetoy was what Wii is, but for the last generation; family fun!

Nicaragua3169d ago

Motion controllers gao waay back to the 8-bit days.

yewles13169d ago

I wonder how many people remember EyeToy: Antigrav by Harmonix? THAT was a sketchy first attempt at motion control...

mrdxpr23169d ago

yes i remember and i still have it lol... it was ok but had a lot of bugs ... but hey that was when the eyetoy was in its prime now its more mature and is ready for all that

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