Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype headed to PSN

Many of you may remember the frantic "Super R-Type"-esque gameplay of the PSN title Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer. Touted as one of the toughest PSN entries, this game really brought the pain. If Himmelsstürmer wasn't enough punishment for you, and if those patches of hair finally grew back in, then SideQuest studios has just what you need.

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playstation_clan3163d ago

looks fun, i need to stop playing god of war, i need something new

darthv723163d ago

shmups FTMFW! needs to be more like thunderforce 6 and gradius 6 should be on psn.

LeShin3163d ago

Missed out on two trophies on the original. Will buy this on day 1!!

Skynetone3163d ago

and i love side scrolling shooters, i cant believe its the only company whats decided to make a side scrolling shootem up on the ps3

ill mention the bad first, being forst to change weapon, every few seconds to a lightning strike, which basically means you cant see enemys bullets coming at you, because it covers the screen with lighting

The ship is too big to be dodging so many bullets

The next to impossible difficulty level, {it was fixed at a later update}

the power up system, "wtf is this about" still havent figured it out to this day

the power up pods all looked the same, so you dont know what your picking up, how difficult would it be to make them different colours

and the good, "nice graphics" "nice effects"

if they make some decent changes to this game, ill pick it up, i may even be forced to pick it up due to the Zero competition and the fact that i love side scrolling shootem ups

washingmachine3163d ago

i didnt even get past the first one,it was hard lol