7.0 Final Fight: Double Impact Review writes, "The 90s are long gone, and sure there were some trends that are long dead and should stay that way, like cassette tapes. The 90s did also mark a time of arcades in their prime, with classic brawlers such as Final Fight. For those looking for that bit of nostalgia, there's Final Fight: Double impact, an arcade double pack for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network featuring both the Final Fight and Magic Sword arcade games bundled into one package."

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jammers3139d ago

It really did feel like Magic Sword should have been better highlighted out of the two.

Kyll3139d ago

I wouldn't mind to see a triple pack actually, but what else could they throw in from Capcom?

jammers3139d ago

A triple impact would have been pretty sweet, definitely a bigger return on investment too.

Kyll3139d ago

Should have Whack a mole xD

darthv723139d ago

if we are talking old school arcade, there are several others I would like to see. Area 88 (UN squadron), Carrier Airwing, Knights of the round, Mercs, Forgotten worlds, Strider, or perhaps a few fighters like xmen (not the 4 player konami one), street fighter (original), xmen vs street fighter or even the original marvel vs street fighter / marvel super heroes.

Capcom has plenty of quarter crunchers from days ago. Thing is, most have been released in compilation on ps2, psp and whatnot.

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mephman3139d ago

Final Fight was a quality game, but this opened my eyes to Magic Sword - even better.

jammers3139d ago

Totally worth Magic Sword, teammates are a lot of fun.

BigKev453139d ago

Should have added Final Fight 2 to the deal.

ThatArtGuy3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Final Fight 2 wasn't an arcade game, so it shouldn't be in the collection. Captain Commando would have been a good choice though.

Oh, and technically, Final Fight was released in 1989. It was the inspiration to remake Street Fighter with a sequel. Kind of funny really since it was SFII that totally destroyed the whole "Fight, Go Right" genre that Final Fight was a part of.

playstation_clan3139d ago

if they have a demo on psn store, I will

5tgyw3ty343139d ago

Both awesome timeless games. If you cant enjoy these you arent a gamer.