Dated: Metal Gear Solid 4

Gameplayer received a release schedule from local distributor Atari this morning which included a date for the upcoming blockbuster Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Solid Snake's next-gen debut in MGS4 is expected to hit stores in March 2008.

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ITR3971d ago

Is that a World Wide launch date or just an Aussie launch date?

T-Virus3971d ago

First time I've heard that Atari publish Metal Gear?

Omegasyde3971d ago

Wow, that website just made an hugemongeous Error in the likes that that no gamer has even seen.

The people behind that website are now in the same group of Public F-ups as Paris Hilton, Pee Wee Herman, and Boy George.

SlappingOysters3971d ago

Apologies for the error in the article, Atari are the local distributor and not publisher. This has been fixed, and I can assure you guys this isn't fake.

Tsukasah3971d ago

ps3 exclusive? or is it to the 360? whatt?

iceice1233971d ago

For now at least, if PS3 sales don't pick up it will come to the 360.

Crazyglues3971d ago

Sorry to break that to you, and now as far as this game coming out 2008 I don't think so, if has to make 2007. Sony needs this, so if some people who are working on MGS4 have to stay up day and night to make this happen, so be it. 2007 people - 2007!

Now how do I know it's not coming to 360, well it's not coming at launch because they have not even looked at a 360 and to port the game for one would take like 4 DVD's and who does that... LoL

it's just not an option for 360 at least not now, maybe down the line, but it will be a PS3 exclusive at launch. No Question.

etownone3971d ago

trust you its a PS3 exclusive?? its a no-brainer?? are you really crazy as your name implies or just retarted?

how the hell do you know anything???? FACT. games are a business, so dont be surprised if it comes to 360, it has the larger installed base.

and you say you know because they haven't even looked at the 360?? and it would take 4 dvds, and who would want that?? you do know that Blue Dragon for 360 is on 4 dvds, right?

Crazyglues3971d ago

All good points, but would you really want to play MGS4 and have to change disc in the middle of the game...

Now don't get me wrong i'm not saying it's impossible that it will come to 360, if you read my post carefully you will see I just said it will be exclusive to PS3 first...

because the development team does not even have a 360kit so they have not been working on a 360 version. They would have to start as soon as they finish working on getting the PS3 version out.

Because there where no plans for a 360 version at the same time as the PS3. Therefore if you apply logic it's clear that in-order to make the 360 one they would have to start as soon as possible, and even then it would come out no time soon. That's all I was saying.

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vudu3971d ago

I seem to remember hearing this about a month ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.