Super Street Fighter IV Xbox 360 vs PS3 HD Screenshot Comparison

In that screenshot check Videogameszone compared the PS3 to the Xbox 360 version of Super Street Fighter IV.

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Optical_Matrix3139d ago

PS3 Version has richer colours thats about it. as long as framerate is equal on both does it actually matter?

OmegaSlayer3137d ago

Videogameszone has always failed big time in comparing versions.
So, who cares about it?

DelbertGrady3137d ago

The PS3 version of Street Fighter 4 at times ran at a lower resolution than its 360 counterpart and also lacked AA, which led to lots of jaggies. The problem, tiny yet visible, seems to remain in SSFIV.

If you look at the rickshaw in the second picture the jaggies are clearly visible in the PS3 shot.


"While in game we noticed that the PS3 had no anti-aliasing. Jaggies were everywhere and it wasn’t pretty nor acceptable. It was also noted that certain textures were blurry on the PS3 although characters were not affected"

"There were other minor mishaps on the PS3, such as missing specular highlights on the waterfalls in the South America Pitch Black Jungle stage."

Here's another source as well.

"Firstly, you're going to notice more jagged edges in the PlayStation 3 game, since it doesn't feature any anti-aliasing. This is in contrast to the Xbox 360's 2xAA."

"During the close-up sequences, generally used with special moves, the PS3 game's rendering resolution drops from 720p to nearer 630p, which is then up-scaled for output."

Fact remains though that if you don't own the MadCatz SFIV controller the PS3 controller is more suited for 2D fighting games and weighs up for its small graphical shortcomings.

Meryl3137d ago

it's so nice to see you in here soda, lol if they are getting results like that on ps3 then they are developing the games all wrong, sorry, but you only have to look at games developed on the ps3 then ported to see that truth, not to mention FF XIII had more differences, and we all know which version was more superior and which platform it was developed on first, carry on making your silly comparisons because we all know in reality which console is better, yup the PS3.

jetlian3137d ago

don't waste time on these fools. we all know the deal. 360 looks better period!! just look at the water effects on the african stage. or guys hair on it. hell look at the textures on the hippo.

final fantasy could have looked just better on 360 if they used 6 disc but we know thats not happening. compression is what lowered the gfx. And the 360 ran better than ps3 version.

For all the people who wanna think about mentioning bayonetta and how the media didn't slam ff13 360 like bayonetta on ps3. When it came to bayo it was better than ps3 all around gfx and framerate. ff13 looks better on ps3 but runs better on 360.

DelbertGrady3137d ago

It's cute that you finally have a multiplat title that performs better on the PS3, but I thought we were discussing SSFIV here?

N4Flamers3137d ago

@jatlian its early for me so maybe I misunderstood your comment about ff13 running better on 360, the ps3 has it at 30fps and the 360 dips below that, so ps3 version runs better and looks better, but both play exactly the same so who cares.

@everyone else, I just recently purchased SF4 for ps3 after playing it for 360 and I saw no discernible differences besides the ps3 having longer load times. To be quite honest I am still disappointed with the ugly models they use for the game and I never thought this game was about graphics because it's never looked that good to me.

In the horrible pictures provided the ps3 looks to have deeper colors but they both look about the same. I dont understand german but I could tell which one the ps3 one was before I read oden unten.

Gamerbee3137d ago

PS3 Fanboys shut up..
XBOX fanboys shut up..

Gamers speak up.

Seriously, Im sick of the same thread on every article. Irregardless of what its about. It always goes back to which exclusive is better than which. Or about Hardware. Honestly STFU. Youre like whiny little girls & its time someone told you all. That is all. :)

Optical_Matrix3137d ago

Oh take your 360 fanboyness somewhere else. THe game suffered framerate issues. I'm someone, who's logged in over 300 hours on the PS3 version of the game and I've NOT ONCE, even in my 2500+ online fights experiences any framerate issues. There are some jaggies, but it's a freakin fighting game....I don't play Street Fighter for graphics. And why the hell did I get disagree's in my first comment? Only difference I noticed in those screens was richer colours in the PS3 screenshots. Wow. Some fanboys don't even deserve to play this great franchise. Since when was street fighter about graphics and jaggies :/

HDgamer3137d ago

Pretty sure the ps3 wins here all around.
1. Good Gameplay(controller)
2. Good Graphics(not 576p)
3. Most Played for fighters(superior)

So yeah ps3 wins.

fear883137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Your comparison is entirely mute.

Firstly you use a recent screenshot within this comparison that NO ONE except YOU seems to identify as having "major differences".

And then you use old comparison articles (over a year old) to justify your bullsh*t claim that the PS3 version is "INFERIOR".

Why don't you wait for the game to come out on both consoles and then start running your mouth.

boodybandit3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

I have logged in over 500 hours of SFIV between the PS3 and 360. You can barely tell them apart. Both run fanastic both on and offline. The differences are so miniscule you would have to run them side by side with the same characters on the same back ground running on the same display with the same settings and eve nthen it's ALL subjective. The real hoot is neither has an advantage over the other and I could care less if some garbage site looking for hits says other wise.

This is all nit picking bullshit for fanboys to throw mud and measure their peckers. I got both for both consoles and I am doing the same with SSFIV. That way I can play it against more friends. Then again I'm not some immature fanboy with the brain the size of a pea and a pecker to match.

mittwaffen3137d ago

This proves how retarded PS3 users really are.

the place that always gives unbiased and honest comparisons, and you can deny that? Dont you link wins for the PS3 when they happen on this website?

God damn, clearly the xbox has won, barely but if you have a fully functional brain you can look at all the pictures and see a less sharp/shaded game.

I've gotta find another website to get away from some of these simpleton 6 year olds.

PirateThom3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Graphically, the 360 won, but as a game the PS3 version was superior due to the non-gimped controller.

Simple as that.

Hell, I'm certain it sold more on PS3 and, if it did, it's for that reason and that reason alone.

mittwaffen3137d ago

Anyone whos serious about these games doesnt use a controller, you'd get rocked using one.

N4Flamers3137d ago

Coming from someone who has played both, the differences are negligible when you actually play the game. Its not like its a pretty game. Even on the link you posted they said that the characters looked the same. There might be some differences in the graphics department but they didnt mention anything important.

The one surprise I had was that I actually played better with the 360 thumbstick than I did with the ps3 pad or my fightstick but I guess thats because I just got it.

Marceles3128d ago

lol someone that's played Street Fighter with a controller since SF2 on SNES I can definitely say that's a misconception.

I was able to beat all of the normal and hard combo trials on SF4 using only a controller, the skill totally depends on the player unless you're some kind of elitist.

It's like laughing at people that use a controller instead of a steering wheel for Gran Turismo, it takes skill to use them both.'s harder to use a controller since the turning, braking, and acceleration aren't as exact as using a wheel.

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RedPawn3139d ago

I don't give a rat's ass, I just want the game NOW, I played iv but didn't put my heart into it, and I love this series.

CountDracula3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

The Iphone version looks better...

BannedForNineYears3137d ago

100% similar.
If you look at the blue letters on the bottom, they might look different because they are animated.

tucky3137d ago

More aliasing on the PS3 version just like the first sequel.
Better colors for the PS3 => draw :)

jetlian3137d ago

there was none on ps3 last time

tucky3137d ago

Just open your eyes when you play a game ... and look at your disagree

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