New Guitar Hero III Trailer

Check out the new trailer for the game, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.

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CPMango4001d ago

cant wait for this baby

Umbrella Corp4001d ago

isnt this the same as last year but with new songs i wnat something new like a REAL story andnew instruements...oh wait thats why im bying rockband.....just playin this is a good game and so is rock band lol

HiStaxx4001d ago

is gunna rock my socks off

not impressed14001d ago

i was the only one impressed with this trailer. Sick of GH 2 1k it for 360 and im bored of all the songs

Adamalicious4001d ago

GH3 is looking better - the released tracklist is pretty great. My only problem with GH2 was that they tracklist had too many weak songs - the gameplay was totally better (hammer ons and pull-offs actually worked properly).

The real challenge here is for them to get the gameplay as tight as Harmonix did, without Harmonix. Get that right and let me use Rock Band guitars and, EA, you have yourselves a sale.