New BioShock Screens

2K Games have released a new batch of screenshots from Irrational Games' BioShock, an innovative sci-fi shooter heading exclusively to the Xbox 360 and PC later this August.

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IQUITN4G3846d ago

Looks nice enough and i hope it plays very well but has there been anything to suggest that this will be AAA.Hope so as i don't want it to be just another reasonable FPS like so many.

BADBOYEK43846d ago

I am with you on that I hope the gameplay is there with the graphics.

BADBOYEK43846d ago

on this game is the best that I have seen this year including Gears Of War.

Rhezin3846d ago

Its using a modified unreal engine 3

jay33846d ago

Those graphics are pretty damn good...well i think the one with the Big Daddy covered in blue stuff is pretty :D

Rockstar3846d ago

This game is looking better every time I see it.