Crytek: Crysis 2 'looks best on PC'

Crytek CEO Cervat Yerli has confirmed that the PC version of Crysis 2 is graphically superior to both PS3 and Xbox 360 editions.

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Hanif-8763139d ago

I think everyone knew this already

Shaman3139d ago

I would not be so sure...better this:PC>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>ps3=360 or in best case for ps3,ps3>360.

StanLee3139d ago

I'd like to thank Captain Obvious for the tidbit.

toaster3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Well thank you captain obvious.

Dammit Stan beat me to it...

Well inb4 console fanboys cry.

Because your platform is inferior. Obviously.

cyborg69713139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Why would we cry about that?
@above. How in what way? Graphics yeah but by how much. PC is inferior to the game dept and that's all I care about. There aren't that many must have PC exclusives out there so you fail.

JsonHenry3139d ago

There are a lot of PC exclusives. YOU just haven't played them.

toaster3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

@ cyborg

"How in what way? Graphics yeah but by how much."

Umm.. how about 6 years behind.

cyborg69713139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Wow six years don't make me cry. I thought graphics didn't matter. You pc guys are mostly elitists bunch aren't you. Like I would spend an arm and a leg to beef up my rig every year to play average games.But what would make me cry is having an anemic exclusive line up like the pc has on a console.

Like what jhenry? Enlighten me

ProjectVulcan3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Cyborg- quiet down already.

'But what would make me cry is having an anemic exclusive line up like the pc has on a console'

Click this, scroll down and realise you dont have a clue. Dont talk nonsense about PC again, ok?


Ocelot5253139d ago


SOME PC's ARE > PS3 and 360

PotNoodle3139d ago

No, the PC platform. You don't talk about what individual PC's can do, you talk about what the platform is capable of.

You don't sit there saying "SOME PS3s can do * because some of them don't work anymore.." do you?

cyborg69713139d ago

Don't you tell me to quite down turd. Screw you pc gamers. Your the worst fans of the bunch. Pc gaming isn't my thing I tried it back when oregon trail came out but I hate mouse and key board, and the fact that my pc's were always on a desk and I couldn't lay on the couch. I know it's different now when you have monitors that are huge,but when your born with a gamepad in your hand it's tough to go to m/k. Pc gamers seem to think that they are the upper crust of gaming when the reality is your just the crust. Or am I talking nonsense again?

2Spock3139d ago

So he is saying i can play it on my 2600xp with a ati 9800 pro with 2 gigs of memory and it will look alot better and play better than consoles. Well that's awesome then cant me in on PC.

evrfighter3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I beat crysis on a pc consisting of a 3870 2gb DDR2 and an athlon x2 5400. on med/high

Crysis 2 is going to be less demanding than Crysis. You do the math.

"Don't you tell me to quite down turd. Screw you pc gamers. Your the worst fans of the bunch"

nerdrage just made my day lol.

ColdFire3139d ago

I'm sorry but lack of PC exclusives, I mean there are arguments you can use against PC gaming, but that is not one of them. As well as most Xbox 360 "exclusives", several PS3 "exclusives", and arguably better versions of all multi platform games, here is a list of major, (not silly games, but real games), PC exclusives this year:

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty
All Points Bulletin
Command & Conquer 4
Elemental: War of Magic
Guild Wars 2
ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead
Storm of War: Battle of Britain
Civilisation V
Star Trek Online
Napoleon: Total War
Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy
Silent Hunter 5
Natural selection 2
Global Agenda
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Tactical Intervention
Lego universe
Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer
Stalker Call of Pripyat
Heroes of Newerth
Mount & Blade: Warband
The Settlers 7: Paths to a kingdom
Victoria 2
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
Forged by Chaos
Dawn of War II – Chaos Rising
Anno 1404: Venice
Diablo III (Might be 2011)
Deus Ex 3 (Might become multi-plat)
Supreme Commander 2 (Multi-plat RTS, so basically PC)
R.U.S.E (Multi-plat RTS, so basically PC)

That will be missing anything I can't think of, plus unannounced games.

ColdFire3139d ago

As for cost, based on UK pricing:

Home PC: £350
Low end gaming PC: £500
Console: £200

Now as EVERYONE needs a home PC, you have to spend the £350 anyway, meaning the "gaming" part of the PC in only £150, now yes a £500 PC won't max Crysis 2, it will likely be better than console however, and when you factor in cheaper games, free online, not paying large amount for over priced peripherals and accessories. Cost is a false argument as well.

I'm not saying PC is perfect, the lack of split screen for starters is a bummer. No platform is perfect, that's why if you can get both PC and a console, or PC and both consoles, but be informed as to why the fanboys of all platform often use false arguments.

ProjectVulcan3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I can tell you to quiet down cyborg, because clearly, you have been spouting complete cobblers as several lists have shown. :-) Now if you get over your nerd rage and stop your pointlessly wide and mostly inaccurate generalisations about Pc gamers we can all get back to the idea of crysis 2 being the most insane looking game on PC in this case...

Your opinion was that Pc has hardly any exclusives. Sometimes opinions are just wrong...

exnihilonihilfit3139d ago

I don't own a PC gaming rig right now, but at least I'm enough of a gamer to know that PC games consistently out perform consoles and PCs always have an extensive line of exclusives, those exclusives just don't get hyped as much because the PC market is better informed and so they don't need TV advertisement. If you're not dying to play Star Craft 2, Civ 5 or Diablo 3, regardless of whether or not you have a PC or console, you aren't really much of a gamer. Gamer's like games, not platforms, and all Gamers have to give some respect to the most prolific platform.

O/T: This article is retarded, everyone knew that. There isn't a PC versus console war, never was, never will be and so a statement like this isn't interesting. There is only a console war. PC gamers don't need to go out of their way to get involved. It's like a 6th and a 7th grader trying to fight, and then a 12th grader comes along and starts throwing blows. A. It's not fair to make comparisons between PC and consoles, because PC's have theoretically limitless specifications B. PC gamers were never embroiled in the fight. C. On the rare occasion that a PS or Xbox fanboy says that a console can do something better than PC, that's really only because PC guys keep trying to throw blows in the console war, where they don't even need to be sticking their noses.

cyborg69713139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Whatever, I'd like to game on pc as I think the community albeit full of themselves have the best community out of all of the platforms. And it's a no brainer that crysis 2 will look amazing and the best on pc. But telling me to keep quite come on who raged first. If you like my opinion fine, but don't think you can down play it or hide it cause you don't feel the same way.

@ above what am I failing at please tell me. I was asking toaster why I should have anything to cry about and he says my console is inferior. I guess not to me. It just seems that there is always a pc gamer who has to spit out some bs about consoles when they are the obvious choice for mainstream gaming, and will continue to grow.

Like I said before I'd like to be in the pc seen but don't like m/k controls and the community keeps some games alive for a long time which is what all console gamers want. So don't say I'm not a true gamer whatever the phuck that is cause I don't game on pc

ColdFire3139d ago

I would also like to add, as a big fan of the original Crysis I think it's great that you guys are going to be able to play this game. It looks phenomenal, and the important bits, gameplay and story will be the same for all.

(Just a side note, though I hate to raise the issue again, many PC games support controllers out the box, (Crysis is an example of this), the rest can easily support them with a bit of software, and I know people who use controllers and sit on their sofa/couch and play on their HDTV. Each to their own :D )


PC have more exclusives than PS3 and Xbox 360.

The community of Gamers, is bigger than PS3 and Xbox 360 Combined.

I think you are kinda lost about the PC Gaming

ColdFire3139d ago

It's all about definitions as to is PC gaming bigger. I mean where on this list of games do you stop counting the people as PC gamers?

Team Fortress 2
World of Warcraft
Flash Games

That is very simplified anyway. Steam boosting 25 million active (in last mount) , X-Fire 15 million, WoW 11.5 million, but how much overlap, and how many uncounted. I think in terms of major "AAA" games like Crysis 2, the console market may be bigger. Not easy to work out however.

mikepmcc3139d ago


Who approves this crap?

hellboy18803139d ago

Yes, you are talking non-sense again.

exnihilonihilfit3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I said you fail because you were naive enough to try to get in a fight with PC gamers about which platform has better games. You even went so far as to suggest that "there aren't that many must have PC exclusives out there so you fail," and even call it "anemic," when in fact, there aren't that many exclusives for any platform. I said you fail, because you said PC failed; your words, not mine. Exclusives are rare, it's part of what makes them exclusives. I can easily name, though, a number of games that are only on PC which are just as good and desirable as the number of games that are exclusives to both consoles combined, especially given that PC's are endlessly backwards compatible. Console exclusives that are on Xbox almost all come to PC, and every non exclusive must have game that comes to PS3 is on PC. Not to mention, there are a few PS3/PC exclusives, not the least of which the upcoming FFXIV and The Agency. Any game that can be run on a console platform, could easily be run on PC, the only reason why PS3 exclusives aren't put on PC is because Sony is trying to increase the specific appeal of their platform. MS on the other hand, though they don't make money off of 3rd party PC games, do have a vested interest in promoting that platform.

You came off to me as a 6th grader trying to pick a fight with 12th graders, and you should just know better. They're bigger than you, they're older than you and they're smarter than you, and I'm not just saying that because it fits with my analogy (it tends to be the case demographically amongst gamers that PC gamers are older and better educated/informed).

I said you're not much of gamer, because, if you don't like the games that come out on PC, then what games do you like (also note the operative words "much of," obviously you're a gamer or you wouldn't be on this site). Every "gamer" should inherently be a PC gamer, just not all of them can afford high quality gaming rigs, myself being one such. At the end of the day, it's no use dissing the PC as a gaming platform under any circumstance. At the same time though, I'll admit PC gamers have no place in debates about the console war, which they constantly butt into for no good reason. When it comes to console vs. console arguments you get to argue the specifics of hardware and developer quality. When you start getting into console vs PC, you're putting a platform with limited specifications against one that can change to fit any condition and which all developers develop on, if not for. I think it's just as bad that you, a console gamer, would go after PC gamers, as it is for PC gamers to go after console gamers. I say you're not really much of a gamer, because it sounds to me like you have more of an interest in your console than you do in the games. Anyone who actually likes games can recognize that a quality PC gaming rig is the best option (and the controller/lay back on the couch argument doesn't fly because you can plug both an Xbox controller and a Dual shock into a PC, and you can easily hook a PC up to an HD tv). That doesn't change the fact, though, that PC gaming is costly, especially in terms of initial down payment and continued upgrades (even more so if you do like sitting back on the couch), and therefore it's not for everyone. Also, if you like PS3 franchises, then you don't have much of a choice but to get one, plus it's great for an all around HD media hub.

Your post frustrates me because we're actually more closely aligned than you may think, but you picked a fight you can't really win, and you're perpetuating a conflict which is pointless.

evrfighter3138d ago


"I'll admit PC gamers have no place in debates about the console war, which they constantly butt into for no good reason."

ah...I'm busted.

It's extremely rare that I read comments as long as yours. But it was jam packed full of logic and common sense that I just couldn't stop.

exnihilonihilfit3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

for seeing where I'm coming from. I also want to add, that if you can agree with that, in a way you can see where cyborg is coming from. I think he lashed out because console gamers get tired of PC gamers gloating about how much better it is for them. You don't bring a horse to a dog race. It's called a console war and not a videogaming war for a reason, PC will always beat consoles.

That said, I see where PC gamers are coming from when they do get into fights with console gamers because there's all these BS articles about how PC gaming is dead. There's also just as many articles claiming that console gaming is on the verge of death too. PC gaming can't die because PC's will always be needed, and by that I mean ALWAYS, like until the world ends or mankind nukes itself back to the stoneage. Console gaming on the other hand will live on, but I think that its future lies in that videogame consoles will no longer be marketed as just that. The future of console gaming lies in the multipurpose media console. A media console is your bluray player, your mp3 music library, your DVR and your web to TV hook up as well as your videogame console all in one. Sony could market the PS3 as one right now, only problem is that since they lose money on the sale of each PS3, they can't afford for people to buy PS3s who don't buy games, which is where they make their loses back. Xbox could be marketed the same way, but since hard drives were nonstandard, and since it doesn't have bluray, it doesn't sound as appealing.

Tachyon_Nova3138d ago

Yeah I'm not sure everyone did know this. However, it is safe to say that everyone who doesn't have their head up there rear-end did.

cyborg69713138d ago

I was only asking toaster why would console gamers be crying and he said cause I have an inferior system. And that rubbed me the wrong way. And I should not have blown up the way I did but as you said pc gamers gloat and so do console gamers.

I hope pc gaming never dies and it won't. I as well as every console gamer owes all that we have this gen to pc gaming pushing the industry to online, HD, and hopefully modding.

Now after a good sleep I apologize to pc gamers for what I said. And hope that they keep pushing the industry further for all platforms. And maybe one day in the future we will all be able to game together on one system. And then finally end the debate of mouse and key board superiority over analog sticks.

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BubbleSystemSuck3139d ago

mmmm... thats is so Obvious
How you can compare an Upgradable PC, with consoles with old GPUs?

champ213139d ago

Funny part is you dont need a highly upgraded PC to beat the console versions.

You could have a dual core setup from the time when PS3 was released and even that will beat consoles.

One of my older rigs with the following setups is sure to out perform both the console versions. As it currently plays the 1st crysis in 1080p:

2.4 ghz dual core intel cpu
4gig ram

that setup owns consoles in pretty much every multiplat out till date and was made when PS3 launched. Cost me 400usd more then the price of a PS3.

Ocelot5253139d ago

yea but an 8800 was really expensive and faulty, they overheat and don't last long, 360 RROD style

champ213139d ago

heat issues on the 8800gtx are as valid as the ylod on the ps3.

8800gtx is just an example from the past, today any 100usd gpu will do better then the 8800gtx, thats how obselete it is now.... now think how bad the gpus on the consoles are.

Pandamobile3139d ago

I've got a bunch of friends who are still using 8800 GTX's and GTS's from 2006.

OpenGL3139d ago

But the YLOD is actually pretty common, where as the 8800GTX was no less reliable than your typical high-end video card.

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I wish Crytek shut there mouths just a few weeks ago they said the game will look the same on all platforms.....a few days ago they said the ps3 will hit the graphics ceiling. A gag orfer needs to be in order until the game releases.

Shaman3139d ago

No,they said on consoles they will look the same,not PC.Of course PC will look the best,but consoles will look amazing no doubt about it.

Optical_Matrix3139d ago

No Shaman. They said that the PS3 will hit the graphical ceiling. What I've seen so far? I seriously doubt it. All I've seen so far from Crysis 2 on consoles is horrible textures and a more colourful palette than Killzone 2. Apart from that? Nothing. Physics are good though. Killzone 2, imo, still looks better.

Shaman3139d ago

Well they said it and they did not retreat it,they only said PC will look the best.That does not mean that ps3 wont hit the celling.And one more thing,those shoots that were released are OLD,new build(shown to press)makes them look ancient.Here,this is the guy who was at the event...

"So I said earlier that I think it's the best looking game I've ever seen. I'm sticking to that statement, but with some added considerations. First of all, I knew there wasn't going to be all the post-processing affects available (AA/AF, etc). So I don't hold it against CryTek or C3 that they're not there. Second, a lot of you posted replied based on screenshots or videos released to the public thus far. Compared to this build, they look ancient. The build was so new that Cevat said in one of the interviews that he was just happy it ran."

Kratos Spartan3139d ago

Now N4G is going to be flooded with these kinds of articles saying the PC version of a game is best. Of course a good rig is going to produce better results. Don't need silly comparisons to know that. Please stop before it spreads like wildfire. We do not need more clogged pores here.

NYC_Gamer3139d ago

everyone should have known this already..