Heavy Rain's Madison Paige Looks Changed Like the Weather

PSLS writes:

Heavy Rain is deemed as a pivotal success for gaming as an art form amongst gamers and pundits alike. One of the most intriguing features of Heavy Rain, to many, was the life-like characters, their emotions, and the real-life situations they faced. As with many games, characters may go through a number of changes during the development process (remember Kratos could have been an elf?) until a final model and story has been decided upon.

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Dellis3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

Its about to be May, stop talking about this crap hyped polygon movie

user94220773162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

She does look better that way IMO

rdgneoz33162d ago

Seeing as the voice actress they based the character off of is blonde, i don't think its that silly.