Nintendo escapes patent troll in appeals court -- thanks to Sony

Sure, Sony and Nintendo may be competitors and probably don't sit at the same table during lunch, but that doesn't mean they can't help each other out every once in a while. That's exactly what went down today when Nintendo was found, once again, in court defending itself against a Texas firm's exclusive rights to a temporary monopoly of sorts on a particular invention, otherwise known as a patent.

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LordMarius3137d ago

Were would the gaming industry be without Sony.

3137d ago
Fishy Fingers3137d ago

Exactly, MS have forced Sony to up their game, especially their online, which was pretty ropey at launch.

Still, N4G is all about being dramatic.

ijkabob3137d ago

@1.1 that's why you have 2 bubbles... Nintendo Sony and Microsoft are all competing. They are all trying to outdo the other by producing products to draw us to there machines. For me a PlayStation only owner xbox has given me better online abilities and games as Sony trys to outdo xbox. And nintendo has given me the move. Competition is good nobody is ruining the game industry... Stinkin fanboys.

Pennywise3137d ago

/way off topic - What is up with your avatars, MariusElijah? I have to laugh whenever I see them. Hard to take you serious.

/on topic - Good for nintendo not getting screwed from the patent office.

RadientFlux3137d ago

Sega would have probably taken Sony's place and we would all be playing 'Dreamcast 2' or 'Saturn 3'.

IdleLeeSiuLung3137d ago

Actually, the people ruining the industry are fanbois.

HolyOrangeCows3137d ago

Coincidence isn't really "saving"

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Red_Orange_Juice3137d ago

cool, I like both Sony and Nintendo

badz1493137d ago

I won't say that this is a coincidence or some sort because as for me, this is one of the case where reality pulls these patent whores back into its territory! how can they not noticed the DualShock?! greediness sure does blind you from reality sometimes but this is a major screw up at the suing part! they should be ashamed!

vhero3136d ago

But MS must have done it I mean everything Sony does is a copy of MS according to fanboys.. If you read the article dualshock saved them which is a Sony product..

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xaviertooth3137d ago


it does gaming experience.
it does entertainment.
it does consumer electronics.

it does saving nintendo.

it only does eveything.

Danteh3137d ago

lol, I didn't understand sh!t of that legal jargon, but I'm happy that my 2 most respected companies helped each other ;)

N4BmpS3137d ago

Damn I was gonna say something similar along the lines of "a little Bromance never hurts the industry."

dredgewalker3137d ago

I'm surprised considering that getting back at Nintendo was the reason Sony entered the gaming industry with the PS1 which they originally developed for Nintendo. Im sure that there is some sort of deal going on in order for Sony to help them.

kanetheking3137d ago

made dem get into gameing and they sold over 300 million console/ a little help goes a long way

alphakennybody3137d ago

A next gen pokemon with a massive world on ps3 :P. I know it won't happen, but I still love pokemon games. They're addictive as sex.

Jack-Pyro3137d ago

You haven't had GOOD Sex.

Pokemon Games are addictive, and I'm a long standing fan, but lets not get carried away here. =/

Eddie201013137d ago

Sony developed a Super Nintendo with a CD drive for Nintendo, they did not develop the PS1 for Nintendo. Nintendo backed out of there deal with Sony and that's when Sony decided to make there own console (The PS1). Nintendo did not do Sony any favors.

cjflora3137d ago

Nintendo did them the favor of blowing them off so that they would invest in their own console. While it wasn't Nintendo's intention, I certainly thankful for them doing it.

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tiamat53137d ago

Nintendo Ass saving Power.

Gamehead363137d ago

It only does saving Nintendo's ass.

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