Eurogamer Splinter Cell Conviction review

The irony in calling the reinvention of a long-established series Conviction, only to flip-flop on what exactly that reinvention should look like, is writ large across Splinter Cell's recent history.

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raztad3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

nope that's EDGE. LOL

Conviction makes me want to replay Chaos Theory, amazing game.

Chris3993139d ago

Maybe the cheque bounced? :P

I kid, I kid. The games industry is a mess nowadays, and you can't trust reviews for beans.

I won't be picking this up (the demo was a bit rough, for me - as in quality, not 'amount of skill required). But I liked WKC and tonnes of other games that reviewers panned. The moral here is to abide by your own tastes. People need to stop worrying about what "professionals" think they should or shouldn't play.

Isn't part of being an adult being able to make your own decisions?

MexicanAppleThief3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

The meta score for this game is really taking a hit right now.

Still, Heavy Rain was a 87 and I loved that game. We shouldn't always trust reviews.

Edit: First of all I couldn't give a rat's arse is this game was a 99 or 10 on metacritic. I merely showed the metacritic score just in case other people wanted to know, after all they're spending thier hard earned money on it are they not?

And what part of my comment showed that 87 is a bad score? You assume too much. I gave Heavy Rain as an example because I love that game. I personally think that people should only read the text on these reviews rather jump right to the score, its a poor way a judging a game in my books.

StanLee3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

@ MexicanAppleThief

What concerns me about this entire generation of gaming is reflected in your post. You say 87 metacritic like that's a bad thing. Like it's reflective of a mediocre game and you were pleasantly surprised you enjoyed it. I don't get that.

BeaArthur3139d ago's not that you should trust reviews, it's that you shouldn't treat them like they are the gospel.

Pennywise3139d ago

87 metascore is damn good. You can't expect everyone to like a game.

StanLee3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

The problem is more than just about review scores and more about Metacritic. If Metacritic did away with scores and just used the color system they have, we wouldn't have this problem. If they quantified the scores but only put green for General favorable reviews and so on, people wouldn't dwell on scores. The difference between a game with a 90 metacritic and 80 metacritic isn't 10 points, it's 1 point. It's an 8/10 review over a 9/10 review. A 4/5 star review doesn't reflect a game only marginally away from being great, it's 80/100, 20 points away from a game that got 5/5 stars when in reality there isn't that great a disparity in quality between the games. We need to do away with metacritic and scores.

Edit @ BeaArthur

You're so right. The perceptions of scores changed when aggregate sites became popular. Never in my gaming life did I care what 87 people though of a game I was interested in, neither did most, but all of a sudden a 7.9/10 from ActionTrip should matter? That's ridiculous. Splinter Cell Conviction has 19 review scores 90 or above, 41 total reviews of 80 or above but somehow, the 3 scores of 79, 70, 70 are the reviews that aren't biased but the 19 over 90 are?! That's the problem I have with fanboys, they're irrational.

BeaArthur3139d ago

StanLee...It's not an issue with the score, it's an issue with peoples perception of a score. All of a sudden an 85 isn't good anymore. Also, as you pointed out, every site grades them on a different scale. A site that only has an X out of 5 can only be a 20, 40, 60, 80 or a 100 while an IGN can give it a 9.3. I personally like metacritic because it allows me to do better research. All the reviews (or at least most of them) are all in one spot so I can read as many or as few as I choose. People just need to relax and stop flipping out because they think a score is too high or too low. I mean I don't even understand why they care in the first place since it doesn't effect their level of enjoyment of a game.

nycredude3139d ago

I really don't understand how people think 80 to 90 is somehow a bad game. IMO these days IGN, and other big name sites give out 90+ WAY too often and easily. Bring back the days when a game gets 95 it was like WOAH!!!! I mean look at Just Cause 2, it's at low 80s and damn that game is awesome!!!

boodybandit3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I think 87 is about right for this game. SCC is a real nice game. Nice graphics, decent story, decent level design (some were great), nice weapon selection and upgrades, some varied missions, and some decent online modes.

It is a very solid title but I wasn't on the edge of my seat while playing it nor was I counting the minutes until I could play it again. Though the more and more I play it the more I like it. All in all I am enjoying the game and will probably squeeze another 20 to 30 hours out of it. Between playing the SP over (realistic. I should have just played it the first time on that difficulty) and trying to complete some of the online challenges.

Besides, it comes with the Ghost Recon beta. That in itself was worth the price of admission for me.

The Wood3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

yeah, definitely as it serves as nothing more than a beating stick for the ****** types

To the rest of ya...Ill take you back to a time when SOME would say that if a game wasn't 90+ it wasn't 'twipple aey' (good enough to scream about)....its called 2007 and metacritic (flawed) and dumb ass terms like 'twipple aey' are what helps fuel fanboy wars and segregate gamers. Not pointing the finger here im just making an observation

On the more sinister side its obvious that some sites have been used/manipulated for their power and influence to sway gamers. How can some of us explain....


yes its ironic that im posting an article that uses meta c but please look past that. Im yet to see some honesty from a lot of guys on here that used to call some ps3 fans paranoid.

raztad3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

@The Wood

Thanks for the link, +bub. Word about EDGE bias needs to spread out.

I think this is at least the second statistical study showing EDGE obvious bias against PS3 exclusives games. Just the conclusions:

"The consistency of the score differences is remarkable. Whether comparing the top 10,20 or 30 games, the 360 is always scored higher by EDGE, followed by multiplatforms, and followed by PS3 exclusives in the last place. The lines are relatively straight and flat, with no lines crossing each other or switching places after the top 10. If EDGE really scored games irrespective of their platforms, we'd have expected the three lines to cross each other and be all over the place, but this is not the case. There is a strong pattern of discrimination for 360 exclusives and against PS3 exclusives."

There is not such thing for Eurogamer. They are harsh but a lot less likely to be biased against any platform.

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Inside_out3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Simple really, guys like this play on easy/normal mode and then complain...some of observations make me think he didn't even play the game...First, this game is NOT short, still haven't finished the campaign and I've played at least 6 hrs...on realistic...second...

The " mundane " tutorial flashback was actually, to anyone that cares/knows about Sam Fisher was dramatic, brilliant and pure video game artistry...The flashback starts with a younger, buffer Sam Fisher, super agent, professional hit man and all round bad ass tucking his daughter ( Sarah ), who appears to be around 5/6 yrs old, into bed...She can't sleep, afraid of the dark and things that go bump in the night...asks Dad fisher to flip the light switch ( An interaction you do through out the campaign, doors,windows etc.. )...I don't want to spoil this moment, but Sam explains how darkness can be your friend...coming from Mr fisher, point taken...suddenly, the conversation is interrupted by the sound of breaking glass..." What was that " Sams daughter Sarah says with concern..." oh nothing, get into bed and stay there ok...Ok "...Sam closes the door...3 punks have decided to rob the Fisher house hold, could they have picked a worse house...LOL...they are having a conversation which you here, mention the fact that the lady that lives there is hot, they should have some "fun" with her...One of the guys is close to Sam, Mark and Execute flashes across the screen...tap the B button, Sams Krav Maga moves disable the villain in a split second unleashing a terrific gun loop, instantly, in slo-mo/quick time killing the evildoers...Sarah opens the door, hugs Sam....sounds " mundane' alright...that was a tutorial!!!...

The Iraq level is, in total honesty, the worse graphics I've seen this gen...From a concept point a view, it was a good idea...They wanted to fill in some of the back story with Sams friend Victor Coste....but this game engine just not capable of run and gun game play, not to mention a draw distance that caps out at about 100 ft...seriously...I have no idea why they included that level...PS2 quality...

Luckily, the rest of the game as well as graphics are great...about 1.5 - 2 hrs in, a massive plot twist, sending you and Sam into hyper speed....Who, what, where, when and HOW....really gets you guessing...2 hrs later, another shocking twist...Smooth game play mechanics add to all the fun...

This guy who wrote this article is a hater and a liar...there is no button mashing in the RTE's...your asked to TAP the B button to move the " Interrogation " along...what game is he playing...

The AI has been awesome...They taunt you, and there are many lol moments when they " awaken " to your presence....the game is a stealth/action game, if you want to run and gun, you picked the wrong game...As you upgrade your weapons, they will perform better making all the encounters more enjoyable...Everyone who plays games know the game play changes as the difficulty increases...This guy, Simon Pansy, who wrote the article played on easy, If he played on realistic, you would understand why hanging from the pipes, for example is critical, as is Mark and execute as well as upgrading your weapons,gadgets...BTW, you use goggles ( sonar ) to see in the dark, something this Simone idiot would of known had he actually played the game through and not based his review on someone else's....

On top of last known position, mark n execute and the use of shadows...PLUS all the gadgets, Mirror, flash/frag/emp grenades, snake cam, sticky cam with built in noise distraction, bomb and camera, sonar goggles and portable emp device...there is at least 3 upgrades for all weapons and gadgets...45 achievements PLUS some 30+ P.E C ( persistent elite creation) challenges, which as Simon Pansy pointed out is the " economy " of the game...perform certain moves, recieve points to buy up grades... Not happy yet!...all the co-op modes and multiplayer...AND something called U-play ( to much to write ) which unlocks another game mode....

This game easily one of the best this gen...Is it perfect, no, no game me, I want to buy this on PC, If I had a PC that could play it....Cheers...

Official General3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I bought a game called The Saboteur for my PS3, which is a 3rd-person, open-world World War 2-based spy/action/adventure game with varied gameplay elements of spy missions, stealth, sabotage, escapes, rescues, gun battles etc. Now, the Saboteur gained an average score of 7s from most game reviewers - but I really enjoyed it, I loved the storyline, I really liked the characters, gameplay and the theme. I had was crazy fun fighting Nazi's like that in the game. I checked out reviews of the game before I bought it and even though it mostly got 7s, I didn't care. It still sounded interesting to me and I bought it, played it and completed it and I had mad fun. From my personal experience it's not always a good thing to put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to trusting game reviews.

But having said that, Eurogamer normally tend to favour the 360 when it comes to reviews so this is a big surprise. They must have genuine feelings about their issues with the game, judging from their conclusion.

JokesOnYou3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

"OMG the media is biased!"

"Sony paid them off!"

"Gaming Journalism is dead!

"This is BS, I played SCC myself and everybody knows it deserves a 10"

lol, now seriously, I can completely understand Eurogamer giving SCC a 7 if the game differs to much from the classic SC for them, I disagree I think the basic's are there and I really like the gameplay, its better and plenty of stealth to keep me happy along with so many cool elements Ubi implemented, I'm loving the game so far. Only thing I think is subpar is the voice acting, lol they keep swearin' and promising to kill me....the AI is average unless play on the harder mode. Eurogamer's score is just as fair as many of the 9's+ from other sites, it just depends on where you sit.


HolyOrangeCows3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

He brings up very valid points about the stealth being limited for a game that's supposed to be about stealth and parts being slow (Which is pretty bad when in its entirety it only reaches about 5 hours).
Frankly, I'm surprised he gave it THIS high of a score with the things he said about it.

Try reading the review instead of just making assumptions based on his first paragraph posted in the story description.

WildArmed3138d ago


I love how media works..
game doesn't innovate.. doesn't change things up..
Negative mark off.

Game innovates and tries to change things around..
Negative mark off.


execution173138d ago

i'm gonna pass since i've been hearing nothing but negative things about it

squeeb3138d ago

Agreed. When exactly did metacritic become relevant?

vhero3138d ago

Holy crap Eurogamer actually reviewed it?? They used to be biased towards 360 last year but since 2010 I noticed they are giving more reliable scores... This is hard to believe still they used to so biased ah well. Maybe there is still a few good reviewers left around.. but probably not..

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testerg353139d ago

Sony must have paid them off. Eurogamer is biased against the 360 anyways. Ooops.. sorry.