Xbox Live for Xbox 1 officially killed

Eurogamer: Microsoft should by now have officially discontinued Xbox Live support for original Xbox consoles and games.

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DarkBlood3165d ago

same here i just played few hours ago

fail3603164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

now its time for 360

xaviertooth3165d ago

microsoft is famous abandoning their products, i expected this.

playstation_clan3165d ago

I completely agree not in a fanboy stance but just look at the ps2 support sony gave. There is still new releases on ps2 10 years later

kissmeimgreek3165d ago

Well of course theyre gonna support a console thats sold nearly 150,000 units. it would be stupid to stop.

And im pretty sure that the only reason online will work for PS2 is because it didnt have a unified system, Each developer input theyre own servers

Cueil3164d ago

I will miss you and the long nights spent playing Rainboy Six 3 and Splinter Cell: CT co-op

RagTagBnd4453164d ago

This is why i prefer my PC and dedicated servers.

Elven63164d ago

Dedicated servers get shut down too, you won't find very many games from 7 or 8 years ago that had dedicated servers that still do (official ones, not fan made).

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