Time for God of War to Call It Quits [Spoilers]

Wired: God of War III seems to be the end of Kratos' story. That's probably for the best.

Now, now, put down the pitchforks. I am a fan and proponent of the God of War series. I thought the original game was nothing short of a revelation, a clarion call to fans of action-adventure games that we should accept nothing less than astonishing set pieces, uninterrupted level flow, a heart-pounding soundtrack and a perfect in-game camera.

I was barely able to voice a half-hearted complaint that the sequel served up more of the same, because more of the same was still better than practically everything else in the genre. I even enjoyed all 4.5 hours of the PSP game.

God of War III, released last month for the PlayStation 3, is still in the top tier of action games. But it is also the weakest console entry in the series by a mile. Like its predecessors, it's a fun action game lavished with a few years' worth of loving polish. But the level design is chaotic and disjointed. The gameplay struggles under its own weight, laden with far too many moves and button combos. And everything that was surprising in 2005 is predictable in 2010 - especially, but not limited to, the story.

Spoiler alert: Big God of War III spoilers follow.

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lociefer3141d ago

its not the games fault the ur a noob and cant remember the combos, + if u didnt like the ending/the storytelling so much u can cry in the corner, u dont have to blog it

raztad3141d ago

Come on, Come on. Dont give that loser hits that's all he is after.

To tell the true after reading several articles about GoW3 "less hardcore" or shallow combat system this is the first time I read someone saying it's too complicated. Funny sh!t. I suggest the writer quit gaming.

BTW, why are the Sony exclusives the only one bashed? From DarkSiders, Dantes Inferno to the upcoming Lord of Shadows they are all copying GoW3 combat to certain extent, and some games out there dont even have a good story to begin with.

MGS_fanatico_3141d ago

"..and who has no way of interacting with any object, moving or stationary, that does not involve killing it."

- I'm sure Aphrodite would wholeheartedly disagree! =)

Kratos Spartan3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

pass that sh!t, it has to be good.

Now I have to go play it again, to make sure he's wrong.

Dtoxz3141d ago

"I am a fan and proponent of the God of War series."

Guys seriously, if he is a FAN, he would remember the combos because they have all been the same since the first game. Not to mention couldn't remember the Blade of Olympus' name. Rucking Fetard. He has no clue what he's talking about.

The Blade of Whatever?! Please. I think Mario Brothers 2 needs a review you n00b.

people like this don't DESERVE to play video games.

chuitopr3141d ago


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