Critical Gamer: Skate 3 – PAX East Preview

Critical Gamer writes: Perhaps one of the most surprising sights at the inaugural PAX East was EA's Skate 3 booth. Situated near the front of the expo floor, their booth was one of the busiest at the show. Sure, this was partly due to the contests they were running, but that only ignited the palpable energy fans had for this third iteration of the Skate series.

It feels like only yesterday that we were talking about a new EA game that would go up against the aging dinosaur that was Tony Hawk. And yet, only three and a half years later, it's common knowledge that Skate is the better series. I know it, you know it, and a suspicious, black-hooded man at PAX knew it.

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Pidgeridoo3162d ago

skate 3 is looking great

scruffy_bear3162d ago

Skate 3 sounds awesome :)

Cubes3162d ago

I hope they've learned from the 2nd game's mistakes and the downhill spiral of the Tony Hawk franchise.

Audiggity3162d ago

Hey Cubes, I'm not saying there weren't any mistakes in Skate 2 - but what were you specifically referring to?

Honestly, it was the best skating game ever made. It had it's mistakes, but it was so well done and the series is so much better than anything else out there in this genre that it's almost not an opinion anymore. Unless you simply don't appreciate games, then by all means, go get a copy of Tony Hawk 19 for $7.49 at Target.

Haha, but, seriously - the off the board walking mechanics needed a lot of work, consistency of tricks was a little off (cramming so many tricks in Skate 2 that maintaining consistency was very tough). Some of the SKATE challenges were obnoxiously hard, one in particular. That stuff needs to be fine-tuned.

But a whole new Hall of Meat and refined physics with improved multiplayer and walking mechanics? Sounds like they hit the nail on the head with this one. Again.