'Heads-Up' PlayStation Store Update (15th April 2010)

Mike Kebby writes

"Good day to you there, how are you this week? Well I hope.

I just want to remind you all that our PSP Favourites promotion will be ending today, so you don't have that much longer to take advantage of those crazy prices, just a mere matter of hours in fact. Speaking of which, if you have an eye on bargains, then please step over to the stall and check out the latest batch of Special Offers with Gravity Crash, Prince of Persia Classic and James Cameron's Avatar:The Game amongst the shiny wares I have for you .

I'm sure most of you are aware that this week we finally get the much anticipated episodes for Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony onto the store…exciting, I'm sure you'll agree (they will be available on Friday morning not the usual Thursday publish)."

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Lucreto3143d ago

Good update I can't wait to see Sam and Max on the PS3.

Oddworld is another buy for me and you can't go wrong with White Knight Chronicles Dynamic Theme.

There is a lot this week.

edit Trine is €10 now there is more money gone.

ShinRyuHadoken3142d ago

Wow, big update. GTA DLC finally.

kenpachi3143d ago

that Hysteria Project on for psp is suppose to be good and its pretty cheap

Sam and Max FTW, that GTA dlc can can wait a few months until a price cut before i buy it

Still no Flower soundtrack

TwelfthCrusader3143d ago


Chris3993143d ago

And here I am crying about how rough it is for Go owners in NA (Canada, for me).

You poor saps get like 1 PSP game every two weeks.

Sony REALLY dropped the ball with the Go. Seeing as they apparently don't intend to release a PSP2 this year, they had better pick it up.

HighDefinition3143d ago

The worst thing is IF the PSP(any of them) had 2 analog sticks. It would be the best playing and selling handheld out there.

So yeah, in more ways than 1 Sony messed up w/ the PSP.

PSP2 better have 2 sticks or don`t bother bringing it out.

fossilfern3143d ago

the price for that GTA4 DLC is ridiculous we have the hard copies in my work that are for tomorrow but i might be able to get it a day early ill see what the price is but if its over 30 pound i dont think it will be bought :D

Joe29113143d ago

GTA DLC price is just.. (there isn't even a word for it) im mad now, i was looking forward to it, but sony can jog on if they expect me to throw 30 pounds into a year and half old DLC.

Automat3142d ago

it's £24.95 at play, zavvi etc. has been for a long time. psn is just way too expensive...

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The story is too old to be commented.