Cosplay Babe of the Week is Dixie Clements from Rumbler Roses

GFB writes: "This week's Cosplay Babe of the Week is from the Rumble Roses series of games. Usually I use an adjective like "popular" in front of the game's title, but Rumble Roses isn't known for having the best gameplay. But the franchise is perfect for the world of video game cosplay which leads us to Dixie Clemets.

Dixie Clemets is one of the most popular girls from the Rumble Roses series which has appeared on PS2 and the sequel on Xbox 360.The game features a "face/heel" system, the "face" characters being "good girls" and the "heel" character."

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vgn243113d ago

This reminds me of some movie I saw where this fat dude was obsessed with looking for a blonde asian girl with green eyes. Funny movie. Anyways. Hot as always. The western cosplayers never match up well.

LevDog3113d ago

National Lampoons Senior Trip

vgn243113d ago

Thanks Lev! After I commented, I freaking went nuts trying to remember. Google didn't help. Putting in "blonde asian" and various combinations resulted in nothing I could click on at work, lol.

JOLLY13113d ago

I just wanted to say... "My Dixie Wrecked"

Ocelot5253113d ago

can you guys please move to another site

this was a game-site some years ago, now it's games/chicks/porn

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BattersUp3113d ago

Why can americans do cosplay right? Is it the complete lack of quality anime and manga? Americans = cosplay fail

jonlynch3113d ago

Enough with the whining about western or NA girls not being as hot. You're stupid. Stop being an japophile.

jphelps803113d ago

Just because you don't like Americans doesn't mean everyone thinks the same thing. Women are like everything else in life. There is a wide variety of appearances because people have different tastes just like games, food, [insert random thing].

BeaRye3113d ago

I hit every last one of them. The white chicks, the Asian chicks, they all nice.

Lou Ferrigno3113d ago

hellz yea master megaman .. im with you on that one forsho!..

american gurls are hot,their just sluts and whores lol..
but my cali gurls gots it going and i would LOOOOOVE to see them in cosplay.

but the japs are the masters at their own game so its kinda hard .. my fav women are asians so im down with that lol.

BeaRye3113d ago

Right!?! I mean Japanese people kind of invented cosplay. Course they good at it. But you won't find no Asian girl with the thighs needed for Chun Li. That's when you call on some American booty.

BeaRye3113d ago

They need to make another sequel on the 360 for this. Xbox 360 gamers like boobs as much as gameplay.

Panzerkanzler3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

They look nice enough and the costumes look well made. But Asian females usually don't attract me nearly as much as western ones. Speaking of which, the weather is wonderful and warm, time to grill some animal parts! You weedy gits can hold the barricades until I get back.