Heavy Rain: Thanks a million Video Released

Quantic Dream is happy about commercial success of Heavy Rain and released a "Thanks a million" video.

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Devil MAY KILL3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )


Hank Hill3083d ago

Agreed. The pleasure was all mine. We should be thanking you Quantic Dream for making a great game without yet another floating gun on the screen.

nix3083d ago

thanks a million, QD! q:

Baba19063083d ago

defenitly and please make more games that make me cry, celebrate, hate, love, scare myself and happy as heavy rain did.
i cant wait to see more games like this in the future.

fedex6823083d ago

Thanks a lot QD.

Oh and who else thinks the Heavy Rain theme is mesmerizing?

Red_Orange_Juice3083d ago

thank you QD for one of the most unique games I've played

thereapersson3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Let's just thank all the PS3 owners who proved the doubters and fanboys wrong by actually purchasing this game, coincidentally proving the haters wrong who say that "PS3 owners don't purchase games".

Who are you going to side with? Some dumbass on N4G saying that developers could always use more sales, or the developer themselves saying that they are happy with the critical and retail reception that the game has received?

I'd side with the latter, seeing as how I still have some common sense about me...


Yep, as expected, some stealth-disagreeing 360 fanboy living in their own little fantasy world where sales are everything has decided it a proper activity to disagree with me. Keep it up!

Qui-Gon Jim3083d ago

Exactly, a game doesn't have to sell 5 million copies to be successful. As long as it makes its money back and makes sales goals, then it is a success. Not to make the "video games and movies" comparison, but both industries need the big blockbusters AND the smaller, more experimental stuff. "Heavy Rain" is like the "Slumdog Millionaire" of video games (except larger budget). It wasn't expected to be big, but was very good and saw success because of that.

beardtm3083d ago

Have they fixed the controls yet? I played the demo but the controls for movement were all over the place. Put me off buying it. Is there more than one control scheme?

rockleex3082d ago

PS Move into the game.

Would definitely make the controls even more intuitive.

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coolfool3083d ago

I forgot how good the graphics were.....

Thoroughly enjoyed this game!

abmac7133083d ago

Congratulations with your success QD! I hope they never put a stop to what they do. Their games re-imagine the way narratives are told in videogames. I look forward to supporting their next project.

Redempteur3083d ago

finsihed heavy rain 6 weeks ago ..

restarted another run ( for the trophies ) last night ... damn that game is good .

cobraagent3083d ago

You don't need to thank us. We need to thank you for this amazing experience

AngryFork3083d ago

lol @ all the single disagrees on the good comments.

Amazing game. Anyone who has a PS3 needs to play it imo.

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