MGS: Peace Walker's total cut scenes length revealed

The British Board of Film Classification reveals the total running time for linear elements (e.g. cut scenes) in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

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peeps3140d ago

although mgs is known for it's cutscenes and i wouldn't have that changed, this is a portable game. i mean if u played for a short burst and then a cutscene fired up but ur bus just reached it's stop or whatever, you'd be annoyed if you had to skip the scene to save or whatever

barom3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Maybe but at least in Japan, a lot of people have replaced their home consoles with a handheld. And I speak from a personal experience when I say that I play my PSP mostly at home, I don't expect everyone to do that but I would think there's a large portion that does. It works perfect as a platform you play right before sleep (and no its not due the games, I'm talking about the convenience).

I'm currently playing Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, which is awesomely great. People should talk about this series a bit more. Anyway, I hear the controls for MGS Peace Walker is similar and so I'm thoroughly excited. People can rave about the second analog stick missing but I think it actually works without. Sure, I want a second analog stick but does it work fine without it? My answer is YES!

ZeroBlitz3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Have you actually got a PSP? It isn't difficult to put it in sleep mode...

I'm a tiny bit disappointed that the cutscene length is almost an hour less than MGS3 but with all the stuff already packed into a single UMD it's hardly surprising. Hopefully the game will still try to tell a great story with some excellent cinematic moments thrown in for good measure.

Surely codec conversations must have been included for the MGS4 number and excluded for the MGS3 one (and hopefully PW)?

dirthurts3140d ago

Concept fail.
Unless you can pause during the middle of them and save so you could pick up right where you left off or something.

George Sears3139d ago

Or you can just do a soft turn off and play it later.

Barbapapa3139d ago

one of the best features of the psp.

kerrak3139d ago

MGS without long cutscenes = fail

Just to make it clear for every non-psp user or every psp user non aware: you can pause (suspend) any game, any time on psp.
Recovery from suspension mode takes in vast majority of games less than 3 seconds, few exceptions worst case might be 15 seconds. It's the most important utility in every handheld / portable system, and it's very needed for every game, not just mgs cutscenes.

How it works: just push the "off" button for a moment and you go to suspension. Hold it for a second or two and you power off completely your psp.

Happy hunting!

Carl14123139d ago

No long cutscenes? Aww...:(

coolcut1353139d ago

wow mgs4 had 9 hours of cutscenes

hatchimatchi3139d ago

that's what i said, it didn't seem like 9 hours to me....except the ending

god that was long and effing excruciating, mainly because the mgs story arc is confusing and convoluted as can be.

UltraNova3139d ago

I prefer an MGS type of story anytime than a space marine who tries to kill alien invaders.

I get to think and actually try to understand whats going on! And I love it when i get the feeling that I am controlling a game that reminds me of a huge blockbuster movie.

Ask your self do you ever do something different in games anymore? 99% of them its you killing people or aliens or god knows what else you can kill and blow things up! Only heavy rain comes to mind as something different. Next best thing for me is MGS4, yes you kill people but you actually (me at least) get the feeling that you are controlling a blockbuster movie (thats even more evident in the partially interactive cut-scenes).

And yes I would prefer a 20-25hr game with 9 hrs of cut scenes and 11-16hrs gameplay than a 6.5 hrs game and that includes cutscenes as well. I am talking about Splinter cell: Conviction which i finished yesterday in less than 6.5 hrs on normal (I love stealth games and these two are my top favorites). Unfortunately I m not a multi-player type of gamer so for me single player campaigns is all that matters and I am sure there are a lot of gamers out there who prefer the same.

Game media has to evolve to something more than running and shooting all the time, for that to happen an easy step is to merge the movie-game experience. If you dont like it then dont buy the game, thats what choice is all about..

My 2 cents.

hatchimatchi3139d ago

I should have clarified my comment, what I meant was that it didn't seem like 9 hours to me because I was so absorbed in the cut scenes EXCEPT the ending which I found extremely excruciating due to the fact that I had no idea what was going on.

MGS4 is an awesome game with great cutscenes, I just find the story arc to be convoluted and confusing, that's partially my fault cause I haven't played all the games to completion but at the same time I know plenty of people who have beaten all the games and still find the story arc to be confusing as can be.

Hope that clears things up.

UltraNova3139d ago

You should definitely complete the last 3 MGS games, man oh man you're in for a treat! It will definitely clear some things up especially about MGS4's ending(see MGS3 for that ;)!

When you finish them all you will realize what Kojima has created..

When I finished MGS4 I had already decided that it was the best game I have ever played in my life! And then it came to there a film out there that can even begin to compare with MGS4's story? To this day I still havent found one. If you or anyone happen to know one, please tell me and I will get it ASAP!

Now how about that long awaited trophy patch!

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