Unreal 3 Engine to use Scaleform GFx UI for Gears of War 3

Ve3tro writes: "Epic Games the guys behind Unreal Engine 3 has announced that they will use Scaleform GFx technology to speed the design of innovative UIs for upcoming titles, including Gears of War 3.

In addition, the developers will now include Scaleform for free without any additional charges with all current and future versions of Unreal Engine 3."

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IaMs123137d ago

Well from what i got out of it, sounds like it just for HUDS and menus? If so i hope that dont change the HUD up, i like it how it is. Menus i dont really care personally Gears 1 had the better main menu/song for it then Gear2

Ve3tro3137d ago

Yup thats basically it, maybe they will expand it a little. Not sure what they could do with it really.