Namco Bandai "making full announcement" on Demon's Souls Euro release tomorrow

VG247: Def. Con. 1. Namco Bandai has told VG247 it'll be making a formal announcement on a European release for Demon's Souls tomorrow.

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Milky3165d ago

First I was like D: then I was like :D

This is the best news ever.

abmac7133165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

There should be a "formal" warning on the box cover that reads: "This game will kick your ass, and then some."

I really enjoyed how challenging DS was, and I'm praying for a sequel. This is fantastic news for Europe.

SpoonyRedMage3165d ago

Cool and all for people looking forward to this but where the hell is Graces!?

And Vesperia for the PS3 folk?

ian723165d ago

Great. So happy its coming to Europe. I will get it now, so will many others.