NewsWeek to MS: Come Clean On 360 Faults or Recall it

N'Gai Croal of the Newsweek hosted Level Up blog has touched once again on the Xbox 360's hardware woes, the mysteriously secretive and deadly "red ring of death" that has plagued the console since its release and ultimately resulted in a new three-year manufacturer warranty. Croal writes that the recent extended warranty policy change simply does not reach far enough in addressing the issue. He contends the company must come clean on the specifics of its failure rate or issue a recall on the product.

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nice_cuppa3843d ago

woooooooooooooooooooooooo !

coolmatrix3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

Rumor: Insider figures show failure rate at about 72% as of July 07.

Something to cheer you up in the meantime.


THank you MS...No recall yet?

Three-year warranties are pretty much the domain of automobiles and washing machines, and in many ways, the Xbox 360 has much in common with these big-ticket machines. The game console has a lot of moving, breakable parts in the chassis — about 1,700 components in all."

DarthBillBOy...some nice words for you "Willie E. Gary" Take care!!

Daewoodrow3843d ago

it's 72% this week is it coolmatrix?
First 10%, then 25%, then 33%, now 72. At this rate by next week the fanboys will be saying it's 139%. Every study will give a different figure, because nobody will ever get a fair study. And the only way anyone will get any attention is by giving the highest figure, because it has more shock value. And people like you will keep quoting the highest figure because it makes you feel better.

Some of you wont rest until everyone agrees with your choice of console, some of you wont rest until people stop buying the rival consoles, and some of you lonely buggers wont sleep until the other console's manufacturer goes out of business. I guess you're part of the latter.

ShiftyLookingCow3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

ACLU is ready to sue you

and RIAA

and Jack 'Dopy' Thompson

ALI G3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

are done with this crap.honestly as a customer, who entitled to give his opinion in this matter, i am very happy with what Microsoft has done.i am sure the prick who wrote this article do not even has Xbox.

edit:@3 :I agree with you but
1.Microsoft taking positive steps= 3 YEARS WARRANTY.
2.they are enhancing the box.
3.recall?? if Microsoft recall Xbox i will say to them SUCK MY D*CK .i am not leaving my Xbox for 1 minute as long as it working.i did not had red light since lunch day 2nd decmber 2006 so i do not see reason to worry and if i had it , 3 years warranty will cover it with both way free shipping at the same time i will be playing WII/PC or hell i will be watching porn
4.The price tag and the game library, i believe worth taking the risk.

RESPECTTTTTTTTTTTTTT ericbs 2.1 / AnDy FrOm MiAmi 6.

[email protected]"N'gai is one of the most respected gaming journalists" how if he cannot write a proper article.all he does is b1tching about Microsoft all the time

EDIT: FCUKING "shony sanboys" stay out of it, it is a family bussiness, or i will lunch a massive attack in all your sh1t threads.

ericbs3843d ago

I thought the fact that they gave us an extended warranty and a letter from peter moore saying they were wrong for not fixing it earlier and the problem will be taken care of. I have confidence that the problem will be solved so we can get back to gaming and not worrying about these problems occuring.

Adamalicious3843d ago

N'gai is one of the most respected gaming journalists, period. I'm pretty sure he has an Xbox 360.

TruthHurts3843d ago

i had a 360(2) and i got ride of it, for being unreliable.
and anyone whos gonna talk smack......
I want MASS EFFECT and LEFT FOR DEAD SOOOOOOOOO badly, but i cant bring my self to buy another one and that sux (for me and them).

until MS fully resolves these problems, i cant do it.
it made me nervous of my ps3, w/ it having a 1% fail rate.
everyone i know who has had one out here, its broken,
except one(and he barely uses it,its mainly for music and movies)
i don`t know if its the same situation where your from, but this is a REALITY where i`m from.
say what you want, think what you want, but its the truth.

Bloodmask3843d ago

I agree with the article, but they never give any actual numbers. I think that if the failure rate was that bad there would have been a class action law suit long ago and also a recall.

I think this is all Sony drones have to cling to bc the 360 is wiping the floor with the PS3.

If your 360 red rings out you get it replaced for free and get a 3 yr warranty. And the new Falcon chipset is coming out. This will be a null issue soon enough.

Disagree all you want but constantly posting red ring articles will not make KZ2 look like CG.

get over it.

EZCheez3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

That's actually one of the main points of the article; that there are no actual "real numbers."

Does anyone know the REAL defect rate? I wonder if Microsoft themselves even know.

And as far as the article goes, this is probably one of the most fact-based (or lack of facts, whichever way you look at it) articles I have read on the problem. At least he didn't start out by saying

"360's failing at 139% rate!"

Give the guy some credit. At least he had a funny analogy.

Sangheili853843d ago

i feel every site that write things because they want more views on their site. It's not old news but it's nothing new. MS is taking steps to fix it i guess but that won't stop random sites from writing up things about it for cheap views because sites like this will post it then they get a couple hundred views. which in turn is good for the site traffic.

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