A Farewell to Halo 2 online

Halo 2 online might be gone, but what about the hours of game play it gave the Xbox online community? The firefights and the flag captures will all be remembered as this epic game ceases to be online and a gaming giant that was a phenomenon.

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Forbidden_Darkness3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

"Through all the times we had together, there was nothing but you and my butt planted in a seat. I'll never forget how much I played you and I will never forget all the great memories i'll have of us.

So, this is farewell and goodbye. I'll miss you the most. So, heres a toast to all the wonderful times we spent together. I just hope you'll never forget that you'll always have a place in my heart (right next to alcohol i now consume).

I love you, Halo 2."

Halo 2:
"I love you too!"

Murgatroyd73138d ago

To be perfectly honest, I thought they already disabled the online gameplay a couple of weeks ago.

ThanatosDMC3137d ago

The PC version is still up and running. There's 64 players mayhem too.

omicron0093137d ago

like all good this, it must eventually come to an end