Fallout: New Vegas project lead not so keen on the changes Bethesda made to the series

Fallout: New Vegas project lead Josh Sawyer has answered another fan question via his Formspring page. This question, while not phrased as such, directly asks what he thinks about Bethesda's massive changes to the game design from the original series to Fallout 3.

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Kingdom Come3169d ago

Bethesda did an Incredible job bringing the franchise into the 21st Century.

Letros3168d ago

I enjoyed Fallout 3 a lot, but it wasn't the Fallout I grew up playing, Dragon Age is a modern Baldur's Gate(albeit watered down), why couldn't Fallout 3 be a modern Fallout?

jakethesnake3168d ago

I'm not sure how the contributor got that title from that statement unless he is reading way too much into it and bringing along a giant sack of his own presuppositions.

TheXgamerLive3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

seems the author is reading to much into a very and quite general statement. the lead said nothing of the sort, but maybe it's in the full interview, however if he said it, then it should of been what was posted since he chose that heading.