Monster Hunter Hits PS3, First Screens of Lost Planet 2 Skins

Since Capcom currently has no plans to bring the Monster Hunter series to the PlayStation 3, they are teasing PS3 owners by having the option of playing as a Monster Hunter character in their upcoming third-person shooter, Lost Planet 2. Revealed in Famitsu yesterday, Capcom has released the first screens to accompany this announcement and graphically, this will make you want Monster Hunter on the PS3 even more.

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qface643138d ago

ok capcom spill it how much is this FEATURE going to cost

hay3138d ago

Meh, I'd love to see Monster Hunter on PS3.

Hill_billy3138d ago

So would millions of others but I am sure this is not what they had in mind. It makes me wonder why they have yet to release a MH game on the PS3 that truly exemplifies next gen gaming.

HolyOrangeCows3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Change the blasted title, even if it doesn't match up. Ugh, I'm pissed; I thought this was a story about MH on PS3 AND LP2 skins.

aftrdark213138d ago

Give me a REAL next gen Monster Hunter on the PS3!!!! I don't see why they won't do it. I know a bunch of ppl who want it (including myself).

Chubear3138d ago

Anyways, my jonesing for MH has completely died off with the release of Demon Souls and it feels kinda obvious to me that DS2 will have an added online mode that's very similar to MH when it comes out.

Would have been awesome to have MH too on the PS3 library (a proper current gen version) cause the more games like this the better but Demon Souls has totally satisfied my needs.

Immortal3213138d ago

who ever approve this story gets some bubbles.

Raz3138d ago

Doesn't make sense to do it just to thumb their noses at us. For my 2 cents, I think they're drumming up demand for when they finally release a PS3 edition. Maybe they have a timed exclusive deal going on.

And if it doesn't happen...well, then they can lose out on the sales and rot; just like Gabe and the rest of those [email protected] at Valve.

Can you tell I'm a little bitter? It really pisses me off when developers get caught up in the console wars. They should know better.

Commander TK3138d ago

for breaking franchises' exclusivity

ThanatosDMC3137d ago

$4.99 for unlock keys again... or is it going to be $9.99??? Just check the "DLCs" for Megaman 10 and how ridiculous it's priced.

rroded3137d ago

can go ta hell after leaving us dry on the ps3 they gonna tease us with this...

f em their nothing but nickel and dimming no good corporate hacks.

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voice_of_ reason3138d ago

Eff you Capcom! This in no way makes me feel happier that Monster Hunter is not coming to the ps3.

Monster Hunter, you are dead to me!!

EYEamNUMBER13138d ago

if monster hunter is dead to you so easily just like that then you were never really a fan to begin with

Aphe3138d ago

This is the voice of reason?

voice_of_ reason3138d ago

"you were never really a fan to begin with" ...if only you knew how much of a fan I WAS. I spent countless hours playing that game... I played it online until they closed down the servers. Am I bitter? Obviously. MH on ps3 could've been amazing... and since I am not getting a Wii ever and therefor will not be playing a 'next gen' MH... the game is dead to me.

EYEamNUMBER13138d ago

you don't sound like much of a fan to me
i don't see a real fan saying MH is dead until its brought onto the system i want it to be on because that's pretty much what your saying seems to me like your only a fan if its on a system you have

that's just my 2 cents though in the end it doesn't really matter

Barbapapa3138d ago

well ps3 MH would be my dream, but i will still play tri and protable3.

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ExposingLames3138d ago gay....i was so pumped up when i saw this...i LOVE monster hunter, i played the only one they ever gave us back on PS2

i dont hand held game and i never will so ive been missing out on one of my top 10 if not top 5 favs

George Sears3138d ago

If you are a fan of Monster Hunter you really wouldn't care from which console it hits. As for me, I've spent hundreds of hours playing this series and I am personallly not pissed off or would boycott the game like some "fans of the franchise" do.

If you really want a MH game then get MH Tri. If you don't have a Wii (like myself) then too bad. Am I dissapponted? Yeah a bit, doesn't mean I don't like the franchise anymore. Hell maybe I'll get a Wii soon just for it.

voice_of_ reason3138d ago

I see what you're saying, and I respect it. Monster Hunter was one of my favorite games on ps2.. I loved it. The wii just isn't something that appeals to me... and as much as I love MH, I simply wouldn't buy a system for one game. I'm not "boycotting" the franchise... I just won't get to play it this gen probably. Now, if they make another that is on ps3 (exclusive or multiplat, I don't care!) then I would most certainly play it.

nepeon3138d ago

Hell ya. You gotta point there buddy. These fuaking sheights happen all the time. Look at Sengoku Basara series? I got that for both Ps2/wii and loving it. Now I can't wait for part3. Wish Capcom would localize the 2nd part but only time will tell with how much part 3 sells. Any way here's to good hunting on Tri.

Gun_Senshi3138d ago

Kindly check how many people play Monster Hunter Online on PSP Via PS3 (Ad-Hoc Party)

EYEamNUMBER13138d ago

actually not that many really
in japan most people still prefer to be playing MH with actually people there and in America well MH isn't all that big here its a little bigger in the UK just not by much

im not saying no one uses ad hoc just saying for whatever reasons not that many are actually using it on MH

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