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Jamie Foxx3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

I say this due to price and technology it happened with ps3 and its many features and price,now its gettin 3D in two months which is amazing,but are the tv's expensive? Do they come with the glasses?not many people can afford a new HD tv after buyin one 3 years ago especially as sony price high.

The key thing sony should be doing is marketing this already,there's consumers out there that still doesn't know the ps3 plays bluray which is astonishing,sony really need to buck up their ideas they have the best tech,best hardware but what good is it when nobody knows about it kevin butlers good but there should be more....I mean no disrespect but look at natal,we've seen it all before with eyetoy,yet marketing has got people thinking this is alien technology lol

evrfighter3169d ago

3d gaming has been available for years now. Nvidia gets the credit for that.

sagapo3169d ago

sorry to burst your bubble, but there is nothing new with 3D, I played 3D games on my 8bit sega master system in the old days, so I guess sega was 30 years ahead of it's time??
Now 3D gets common in theathers, this whole thing gets so hyped, like is the new best thing around...
Sorry, but as long I have to wear glasses for 3D, I'll pass.

Hill_billy3169d ago

Wipeout HD: full 3D game (not including WipEout HD Fury)
PAIN: 3 x 3D episodes + 1 x 2D tutorial
Super Stardust HD: full 3D game (not including DLC)
MotorStorm Pacific Rift: single level 3D demo

SSHD! Yeah baby, that game will rock in 3D! And Wipeout, that one is self explanitory. Can't wait to get my hands on these!

Jamie Foxx3169d ago

The VMU unit,I think its a shame sega don't make consoles anymore,dreamcast along with all of segas 1st party titles was amazing

Tapewurm3169d ago

Sega really does need to throw it's hat back in the ring... Where are the new Hi Def versions of Daytona, Burning Rangers, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Shining Force, Skies of Arcadia, Dragon Force, and So many other titles...... Wishful thinking I know, but it would be sweet :)

DarkSpawnClone3169d ago

sony should start selling ps3's with the 3D Tvs or 30% off on a ps3 when you buy a sony 3D Tv , that way you get a Tv and games + Blu ray for ppl that dont have console yet b would be a great way to push the ps3 into ppls home imo

Shang-Long3169d ago

3d isn't as far as people think.
We have 3d movies that took off quick.
3d is being broadcasted with the world cup
it was part of the Grammys.
I saw a commerical for 3d TVs last night.
3d won't explode just yet because of the price, but everyone is aware that it's here and it's only a matter of time until prices go down.

Godmars2903169d ago

When PS3 3D support was first announced, pretty sure Sony said that 1080p/120hrz non-3D sets would be viewable. But then all the 3D fervor started and this got drowned out. And if it is true, I'm afraid Sony might keep it low-keyed so they can sell $2000+ HDTVs instead of $300 consoles.

Theonik3169d ago

Seeing as they are using shutter 3D they should work. However there is also the issue of the TV being to accept 120Hz input. If it can do tat directly though it will work. Sony sill not clear this up however in order to sell more 3DTVs. (main advantage of which is that they have a processor that makes 2D in 3D something un-needed if the PS3 can give the 120Hz offset images, which looks to be the case as not all games support it)

hoops3169d ago

Two points.

First: EyeToy is not Natal. Similar but since the EyeToy does not render in Z Space AT ALL, its not Natal.

Second point: 3D was not invented by Sony no matter how much you want to say it OR how much you want to give them credit. 3D has been around for YEARS. The type of 3D technology Sony is using has been done by Nvidia. And the Nvidia solution is better because its cheaper for one and also you have TOMS of games that are 3D capable running at 1080p and above at 60fps+ Something the PS3 will never do for graphic intense games Like Batman Arkham or any other game like that.
The cost of 3D capable TV's are $2000+ for a 40-42" set. Then you need the Special 3D cable. The Nvidia solution is SO much cheaper and now you can 3D game on multiple monitors. Same with ATI's soultion now with 3D surrond sound.
Sony is actually LATE to the game on this

ChozenWoan3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

As far as consoles... I repeat... consoles... are concerned, Sony is 10years ahead and Sega was 30years ahead.

With all of the things that the PS3 can do, and when you consider when it was developed, it is/was ten years ahead of the tech curve. Compared to the other consoles this gen.

Wii is so much more comparable to the PSP/DS when you subtract the Wiimotes that it's not even funny.

The Xbox360 has required so many add-ons and upgrades that it's not even close to the same console from launch. With it's HD-DvD drive expansion, wifi adaptor, limited HDDs, memory cards, HDMI upgrade, USB support Upgrade, many mother board revisions (to reduce RRoD/E47 & disc scratching), and of coarse the Natal cam (which upgrades the cam they already have). Not to mention they are working on another mother board revision which will likely come with more surprises than anyone expects, and yet it can't do all that the PS3 can do.

The PS3 has removed many functions and still is head and shoulders above the competition. They removed the flash card readers, 2 USB ports, and of coarse Other OS support. Yet it is the only console that is capable of Blu-Ray movies, 3D movies and Games (non-Red & Green Glasses 3D), and playing master pieces such as KZ2, UC2, and GOW3 (can't get them on the comp). It has free online support with Dedicated Servers, Home, and soon the best motion gaming with the introduction of the PSMove controller... which is not an add-on... just a controller. The PSEye is already capable of hand gesture, facial, and voice recognition via a simple firmware update.

My point is, that what you got out of the box 4 years ago from Sony was the most complete console around. And in 6 years the other console makers will be just catching up. So yes, Sony was 10 years ahead with the introduction of the PS3.

nycredude3169d ago

All you people who are quick to put down 3d saying it's nothing new, blah blah blah. None of this technology we all enjoy, i.e. hd, widescreen, big screen tvs, Natal, motion control, is "new" tech. However it is now becoming available to the masses at an affordable price. If you don't like it, or can't afford it fine. But don't come here bashing it and bring other people's excitement down. We call those people crabs. I for one can afford and will "waste" my money on this "old" tech so i will be enjoying it soon.


How much does a high end Nvidia video card and computer setup that runs 3d cost. I know asus has a laptop that cost about $1,600. Was thinking of picking it up but alas I really don't need it now.


3D HDTV ''32 = Around $700.

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Wizziokid3169d ago

Need a 3DTV to play the games in 3D? or can you just pick up some glasses?

If you need the 3DTV well then, Thanks Sony, but no thanks...

Wizziokid3169d ago

Well then that settles it, no 3D gaming for me until the 3DTV's drop in price so 2011 maybe? 2012 at most...

Sitris3169d ago

World coming to an end and all

DaTruth3169d ago

Having bought 2 HDTV's in the past 4 years, this whole new television thing is a problem for me too. 3 big screen TV's in 5 years will be pressing it! I don't even have rooms for that many TV's!

This is not videogames, I can't sell two I don't want anymore to buy a third!

Baka-akaB3169d ago

No you dont necessarily needs a new tv , it depends on the model , and if needs be some can be converted into 3dtvs via an adapter .

nycredude3169d ago


No one ever said you need a huge 60 inch 3dtv to enjoy 3d. I am sure there will be affordable one in the 30inch range. I would pick up a smaller one just for my ps3 at first and when the larger ones drop in price jump in.

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jay23169d ago

What a joke, is none of those games that are in 3D come complete......No thanks, give me a game I can play fully 3D please.

Redempteur3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Wait ... i have 3 of these games already ... i don't want to buy them again !!!
at least i want a patch or something

Dylantalon13169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

until youve experienced a stereoscopic 3d television yourself then you cant fairly talk about it. stereoscopic 3d is amazing and i can consciously say that the experience is as big a leap as black and white television to colour television. ive experienced a few games in stereo scopic 3d and the experience was amazing. it was much more immersive and i guess because of the picture technology and the 120fps, it was like virtual reality. i'm sold on stereo scopic 3d television so i'll purchase one on day of release. another thing people should know is that there is an option to make a 2d image be displayed in 3d and it looks stunning so you dont need to replace all your dvds, blu ray and all sorts to experience 3d. the picture won't be as good as a movie or programme made in 3d but it still is amazing .

HungPHAT3169d ago

Do have to rebuy games in 3D to play them

IdleLeeSiuLung3169d ago

3D should have been introduced with HD. As it is, HD is just getting major penetration in the market.

So where I can try stereoscopic 3D? Sounds interesting and I would like to try, but as of now no new TV for me.

JustTheFactsMr3169d ago

Yeah I went into my local BB and was pretty impressed. They had Monsters and Aliens playing. Something I had already seen in 2D. I wasn't expecting the immersion to be that striking especially standing in BB.

It was.

Kept flipping back and forth and the desire to go back to 3D was quite imperative. Good news for this technology I think. Average Joe WILL want this once they try it. Instead of buying that 50" 2D HDTV they will buy a 46" 3D TV instead. Bank on it.

This *really* is one technology that once you *try* it you won't want to go back to a flat world. And gaming is going to be absolutely smoking if a movie is this good.

HDTV was a minor improvement in comparison to this.

I'd have to say if my only choice was between having SDTV and 3D -OR- a HDTV I'd go back to SD to get the 3D and live with the blurry screen. As much as I hate it compared to HD. Just the 3D stuff adds so much more immersion.

The glasses on the Samsung demo were very light. Didn't even notice them over my existing prescription glasses. People who are on about the no glasses thing are just whiners looking to make much ado about nothing.

I did notice a bit of ghosting occasionally on the Samsung but I understand the Panasonic is much better in this regard.

DaTruth3169d ago

If it is anything like the first time I watched the Raptors game in HD, then I will be sold too! It was like I was walking around with bad vision and someone finally gave me glasses! I looked at my friends, watching it like nothing was going on; "Are you guys really use to this? That looks insane!"

Even colours just looked far better!

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