CSM: Sushi Go-Round Review

CSM writes: "In a rather unnecessary storyline to Sushi Go-Round, a young man sees an attractive girl walking down the street, hears she likes sushi, and immediately vows to open a sushi restaurant to impress her. In the actual game, you deal with a constant parade of customers who come into your restaurant. You hand them menus, take their orders, check the recipes, roll the ingredients together, serve the food, bus the empty dishes, and get paid. Along the way, as you run out of ingredients, you must call and order refills. It's important to keep track of your day's earnings, because you have to use them to pay for ingredient refills. If customers are kept waiting too long, they'll start to get upset and possibly leave, unless you either serve them quickly or hand them a glass of soothing sake. In the DSi version, you can use the camera to put yourself or friends into the game as customers."

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