CSM: Pony Friends 2 Review

CSM writes: "In Pony Friends 2, you'll move onto a horse ranch, buy a pony, and get tutored on how to care for that pony by a stablehand who looks like Joe Jonas. You'll groom, wash, feed, and pet your pony, as well as give it medicine when needed. You teach her tricks -- which you can use when performing in trick challenges -- and take her for rides along numerous wilderness trails. You can enter your horse in races, take photographs of animals you spot while on your rides, and check the bulletin board at the local Pony Club to see if any townsfolk need tasks performed ("quests" can be anything from finding a lost object to snapping a pic of a particular forest creature). As you earn money, you can buy new accessories for your pony -- or buy new ponies. If your stable is too full, you can always donate a pony to charity."

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