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Submitted by drummerx2709 2123d ago | article

Admit it, These Video Games Made You Cry

OCWeekly: There's nothing to be ashamed about, some video games make you cry. Unlike movies or books, games have a remarkable ability to do more than expressing a story to the viewer. They transform the viewer into an active member of the story, strengthening the link between the player and the fiction. Whether it is feelings of sadness, triumph, fear, or even schadenfreude, video games can instill all sorts of emotions onto the player.

So, there's nothing wrong with shedding a tear or two when playing games. Here are the best examples of video games that can make you cry. (Dragon Quest V, Elite Beat Agents, Gears of War 2, Lost Odyssey, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Nintendo DS, okami, PS2, Xbox 360)

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ClownBelt  +   2123d ago
Not on the list...oh well..

I've cried on SMT: Persona 4 and Chapter 12 of Yakuza 3.
Reibooi  +   2123d ago
Games that made me cry.

Lost Odyssey
Persona 3 and 4
Final Fantasy VII and X
Xenosaga Episode III
Valkyria Chronicles

That's about it. I still to this day don't understand why Gears 2 made people sad or cry. There was no attachment to the character so why it made a impact I will never know.
hamoor  +   2123d ago
i agree with most of the list except gears of war 2 moment
i thought it was too cheesy
Ocelot525  +   2123d ago

i cried because I realized I just wasted my hard earned €70 @ a boring game
Marceles  +   2123d ago
Heavenly Sword when Kai got hung was another heart-wrencher.
Inferno  +   2123d ago
From that list
Valkyria Chronicles is the only game that made me cry.
2Spock  +   2123d ago
Well i can say i have never cried playing a video game. I have become somewhat sad but never cried.
Alvadr  +   2123d ago
I disagree with Lost Odyseey. Yeah it was a good scene but there just wasnt enough character development with Kaims daughter before hand, so there was no chance for you to make an emotional attachment.

You walked into the house and shes on her death bed, this is the first time you see her and she barely gets a mention in the story before hand... Then starts that cut scene where she dies. No tears from me.

Games that did make me shed a tear, theres probably more but these ones immediatly spring to mind.
Uncharted 2
Darkstorn  +   2123d ago
Just MGS3 and MGS4 for me. Dragon Age almost did when I had to make that HUGE decision at the end of the game.
darthv72  +   2123d ago
i will admit...
when i was younger i played phantasy star II and right near the beginning when Nei sacrificed herself to save the rest of the group put a tear in my eye.

Since then I vowed to never get emotional over a virtual character again. You know what...I havent since.
xskipperx82  +   2123d ago
OMG you did NOT cry at Uncharted 2. puhlease Gears 2 and Lost Odyssey made me cry. FFX also, it should be on the list. And possibly Shenmue
darthawesome90  +   2123d ago
Crisis Core?
Where is Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core? Now thats a game with a ending that will making anyone cry especially with the song "the price of freedom" playing at the end.(If you havent seen the ending or heard the song i strongly suggest youtube and bring a tissue to wipe your tears!!!!)
Reibooi  +   2123d ago

The scene with Kaim's daughter dying wasn't supposed to make you said because a character died. It's more about how Kaim feels then anything.

One of the FEW things he has remembered at that point in the game was his daughter and as soon as he finds out shes alive and locates her she dies. It's a bittersweet moment for Kaim because he gets to see his Daughter for one last time and finds she even has kids but still has to say goodbye to her for a 2nd time.

I mad me cry thinking about how Kaim must have felt then any other reason.
RedPawn  +   2123d ago
Bingo, that was extremely bad, and you knew what was coming, it's just the scene played so perfectly.
logichurtsfanboys  +   2123d ago
I'm not admitting anything! Seriously though, none of those games made me cry. Only game that came close was Final Fantasy X.
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BannedForNineYears  +   2123d ago
Yeah, never cried during a movie or game. -_-
But when I beat FFX I was sooooooo close to crying. Most sad ending I've played. =\
Still need to watch a playthrough of FFx-2 though...
But I think everyone ends up slightly sad when a game ends. Like, I was sad when I beat Uncharted 1 and 2 because it's like, an awesome game is over! Noooooooooooooo!
BlackTar187  +   2123d ago
For me
Rocket Sauce  +   2123d ago
If any of these games made me cry, I'd need lithium.
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alphakennybody  +   2123d ago
ace combat 4, from intro to the end. that game really hits you hard.
NatureOfLogic  +   2123d ago
I agree, I love that game
RememberThe357  +   2123d ago
The Ace Combat games on the PS2 where some of the best on the system.
No other game has made missions feel so important. But Ace combat 6 was fair and Ace Combat X was good.
Excalibur  +   2123d ago
The only game
I played on that list was Gears 2 and the part with Dom and his wife was pretty heart wrenching but it didn't make me cry, I'm a big boy after all. LOL
RememberThe357  +   2123d ago
The scene with Dom and his wife made me laugh. It was so lame...
RadientFlux  +   2123d ago
The only game that got me close to tears was the ending for "Dreamfall - The Longest Journey".

Everything on the list didn't even get me close.
kenpachi  +   2123d ago
the only game i nearly cried was Agro from SOTC near the end
jagstatboy  +   2123d ago
If a video game makes me cry it's only because it sucked and I wasted my time and money on it.
Obama  +   2123d ago
Gears 2 shouldn't be there wtf? There are whole bunch of games like SOTC, persona, and many others that have more of a heart wrenching moment than gears2.
Ahmay  +   2123d ago
aerith death lol.....
thats not the sadest scene.... my eyes watered for red xiii(nanaki)... when he found out the truth behind his fathers cowardly disappearance....
Syaz1  +   2123d ago
the darkness? the part where jackie's gf got execeuted right in front of him and not being able to do anything is quite sad :( i never cried over a video game b4, but it makes me sad inside. me2 made me sad as well, i feel sorry for the collectors.
kydrice  +   2123d ago
Only part when I wanted to cry in FF7 was when Yuffie stole all my materia.
redneck_smith  +   2123d ago
Admit it, These Video Games Made You Cry LOL
Noami  +   2123d ago
FF7 dint made me cry...when aries died was abit funny cause it was... "sephiroth falls from the sky" "Stab" "death"..was abit funny i know a lot people wont agree.

i dont final fantasy had made me cry..
well only one was Zack death on ff7 psp game.
And some of the final fantasy 11 Story when one of the best goblins of one of the story line dies..

Shadows of the colossus also..cause of agro

~sorry for my English is not my main~

As far as games i played i cant remember.
GrandDragon  +   2123d ago
FFIX (9) made me cry, it had the most enchanting feeling of them all, and the music was the best from the series without a doubt.

Metal Gear Solid snake Eater was also was amazing, really captivating story
The_Devil_Hunter  +   2123d ago
Hmph, devils never cry.
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tiamat5  +   2123d ago
Gears of War making me cry? Gears of War made me want to mute the television to avoid the God awful dialogue.
Gun_Senshi  +   2123d ago
Gears 2 make you cry hahahah it don't even have a story.
PshycoNinja  +   2123d ago
The only games that I only came close to cry to was
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts 2
Crisis Core
Metal Gear Solid 4
TheBand1t  +   2123d ago
Only game on that list that made me cry manly tears is MGS3.
ceedubya9  +   2123d ago
Not sure
How Final Fantasy X did not make the list. The ending was tear worthy.
FF7numbaone  +   2123d ago
Yes ff7 made me cry mainly because I used the chick and then this dude comes in and kills her wtf?

Oh and um you use aerith alot during the first few hours of the game. You bonds with you and cloud on the way to her house and to sector 7.
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-MD-  +   2123d ago
As far back as I can remember I've never cried from a video game.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   2123d ago
FF 7..., Yea I cracked one!
When Sepiroth killed Aries, I was in shock. When Cloud let go of her body into the lake, that did it for me.

I admit, I had a GameShark for the PS1 and it still took me at least 25 minutes to kill Sepiroth! The Super Nova is the greatest boss special attack in video game history!!!

I'm sorry! Nostaliga got me!!
#22 (Edited 2123d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Cherchez La Ghost  +   2123d ago
Cloud: Give it up Sepiroth!!
Tifa: You're history!
Red XIII: You're a deadman walkin"!

Sepiroth: Oh, really?!!
Sepiroth: "Super Nova"

Red XIII: "HOLY *&^%"!!!
Tifa: Run!!!
Cloud: I can't move my legs!!


Cloud: HAAAAA!! Surprise Mutha&^&%%!!!

Sepiroth: GTFOH!!!
Brklynty1  +   2123d ago
I've never cried at a video game...
FFVII made me sad as well as X, KH 1 ending, the only time I cried because of a video game was when MY DAMN SPACE JAM GAME MESSED UP! WHY?!!!
Kingdom Come  +   2123d ago
I'll Admit it, I'm not ashamed of it! A tear was brought to my eye during Gears of War 2. There, I said it. Why? Because I'm God Damn Obsessed with Gears of War, I can't imagine how I'll feel playing Gears of War 3.
Miraak82  +   2123d ago
nah in FF7 when aeris died I was like "What the f@#%, that was my healer.","did I lose my Materia???????"

only game to effect me was FFX...pff GoeW2????? I don't think 5 hrs of gameplay will truly effect and give the player any attachment to the charecters like playing a 70+ hours game and seeing that ending in FFX, it was intense.... by far the most complete and satisfying ending in all off the FF franchise..... I'll give props to FF8's ending ... it was happy but those time distortion CG sequences were crazy
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Kakihara  +   2123d ago
Just hearing that some people may have cried at points of Gears of war 2 makes me want to cry punches all over the world's face.
Hidden Star  +   2123d ago
Naruto Episode 19 made me cry buckets. Haku, Zabuza-sama :O
BkaY  +   2122d ago
naruto shippuden spoiler....
i cried when itachi died... :(
Kratos Shepherd  +   2123d ago
I cried at MGS4 when Snake was at the graveyard and when (SPOILER) Louise died and Otocon was crying while clutching his apple mac.
Kratos Shepherd  +   2123d ago
who disagreed with me?
jalen247  +   2123d ago
There are a lot of soft dudes on N4G apparently. LMAO
CyrusNightshade  +   2123d ago
No MGS4?
That wasent a very good list, only game that was even sad was MGS3...Still one of the best ending to a game ever.

Only other 2 games that had me tear up were MGS4 and the end of Crisis Core....and you even knew how it was going to end
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