Devil May Cry 4 Downloadable Content On Xbox Live

Categorized on the Xbox Live Marketplace as "Stylish Action," new downloadable content has been released for Capcom's upcoming Devil May Cry 4. With the former PS3 exclusive DMC4 headed to the Xbox 360, there's a Xbox 360 Celebration Theme to "celebrate the impending release of Devil May Cry 4" on the Xbox 360.
Content available for download and purchase:

- DMC4 Heroes and Heroine Picture Pack : 100 Microsoft Points ($1.25)
- DMC4 on Xbox 360 Celebration Theme : 150 Microsoft Points ($1.87)
- Two trailers from the Tokyo Game Show 2006 (TGS 2006), one in HD and one in SD (free)

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Kokoro3905d ago

Devil May Cry theme should look good. and I wonder how I have lost bubbles without saying stupid things...geez fanboys.

the worst3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

so ms spent $60 million 2 get this hahahahah

dantesparda3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

I tell you, paying for picture packs and themes, is completely and utterly bullsh!t. Rip-off!

who me, Patriot? if so, then good-looking out, i appreciate that

SKullDugger3905d ago

I gave U postive feed back U deserve your bubbles back.

funkysolo3905d ago

I would think developers would want people to advertise their games. I refuse to pay to advertise someone else's product

nice_cuppa3905d ago

are you advertising it to your self ???

idiot !

gapzi11a3905d ago

Everybody can see your gamer pic, which is great advertising. As far as themes, why are they any different than videos and demos? They are media for personal use designed to show off a game. Why charge for silly pictures, when videos and demos are free?

The Snake3905d ago

Themes and gamerpics should come on the disc as a free bonus for buying a game.

SafeRat3905d ago

Paying for pictures...

BBsin3905d ago

those better not be the same pictures on the DMC4 capcom website...

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The story is too old to be commented.