Dark Age of Camelot patches to version 1.102

Dark Age of Camelot servers will be going down for special maintenance on Thursday, April 15th to apply patch 1.102.

The new patch adds seven new race/class combinations and introduces Epic Currency. The Gaheris Co-Op server will also be given a new encounter in Cathal Valley.

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Christopher3136d ago

Only problem with this game is that it hasn't really grown since I left it in 2004/2005. Would love to see some AA or something to add to it. It was a great RvR game, though.

CadDad3136d ago

It'd be a lot easier to realize my epic dream of running a "snow white and the 7 dwarfs" RVR group now that Dwarfs can be shaman.

Too bad they still charge $15 a month for it, it would have a good population if it were more reasonably priced.