SOCOM 4 at the Tail-End of Pre-Alpha Stage

A user on SOCOM Forums ask Zipper,"Mr. Dunham, any new information any time soon?"
Zipper Responds, "It depends on your definition of "soon." I can't give specific dates yet, as you know, but there are some things coming up for sure.

As for its stage, we're at the tail-end of pre-alpha."
Jeremy Dunham
Sr. Comm Manager, Zipper Interactive

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KILLERAPP3142d ago

Good good good, can't wait for the suppose five player online coop...Is going to awesome…

-Alpha3140d ago

Really? Socom 4 sounds like its going to shape up well.

arakouftaian3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Zipper is working hard to get the game done by Fall
is arround the corner we will have a real next gen Socom
the game looks good in pre-alpha .

Know i only need Killzone 3 and the last Guardian by the end of the year and it will be a mindblowing!!! year...

JAMurida3140d ago

Music to my ears... Seems the 5-6 year wait is turning out to be worth it.